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 *    cook - file construction tool
 *    Copyright (C) 1994, 1999, 2002 Peter Miller;
 *    All rights reserved.
 *    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *    (at your option) any later version.
 *    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *    GNU General Public License for more details.
 *    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *    Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111, USA.
 * MANIFEST: functions to manipulate snefru fingerprints
 * Derived from code marked
 *    Daniel J. Bernstein, brnstnd@nyu.edu.
 *    No environment requirements.
 *    930708: snefrufile 0.95. Public domain.
 *    930708: Added snefrufile_addn.
 *    930708: Moved wm, wl, ctr out to static globals.
 *    930601: Baseline, snefrufile 0.8. Public domain.
 *    No known patent problems.

#include <ac/stdio.h>

#include <fp/snefru.h>
#include <find_sizes.h>

 *    snefru512 - apply the Xerox Secure Hash Function
 *          to a 512-bit block
 *    void snefru512_setup(void);
 *    void snefru512(snefru512_word out[8], snefru512_word in[16],
 *                int lev);
 *    snefru512 is derived from the Xerox Secure Hash Function.
 *    It hashes a 512-bit block in into a 256-bit block out.  The
 *    hash function is cryptographically strong.
 *    To hash in into out, call snefru512(out,in,lev). ``out'' and ``in''
 *    are arrays of 8 and 16 snefru512_words respectively.
 *    snefru512_word is a 32-bit unsigned integer type.
 *    lev is the Snefru security level, any number from 2 through
 *    8.  Snefru-2 is fast but insecure.  Snefru-4 might not be
 *    safe against attacks by powerful future computers.  Snefru-8
 *    is very strong and not too slow for most applications.
 *    Before calling snefru512 you must call snefru512_setup().
 *    You may call snefru512_setup() any number of times.
 *    The Snefru algorithm was designed by Ralph C. Merkle.  It is
 *    named after a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.  Merkle is offering
 *    a large cash reward to anyone who can break Snefru-4.
 *    See Ralph C. Merkle, A Fast Software One-Way Hash Function.
 *    snefru512 1.0, 1 June 1993.
 *    This code is essentially the same as Merkle's reference
 *    Snefru 2.0 implementation, as modified by Rich  Salz,
 *    together with the Snefru 2.5 S boxes.  This adaptation was
 *    created by Daniel J. Bernstein.
 * Interface by Daniel J. Bernstein <djb@silverton.berkeley.edu>.
 * Requires 32-bit words.
 * 930622: Replaced static boxes with extern boxes.
 * 930601: Baseline, snefru512 1.0. Subject to Xerox copyright, see below.
 * No known patent problems.
 * Design and original code by Ralph Merkle <merkle@parc.xerox.com>;
 * comp.sources.unix edition by Rich Salz <rsalz@osf.org>.
 * Original Xerox copyright:
 *    Copyright (C) Xerox Corporation 1989.  All rights reserved.
 *    License to copy and use this software is granted provided that it
 *    is identified as the 'Xerox Secure Hash Function' in all material
 *    mentioning or referencing this software or this hash function.
 *    License is also granted to make and use derivative works provided
 *    that such works are identified as 'derived from the Xerox Secure
 *    Hash Function' in all material mentioning or referencing the
 *    derived work.
 *    Xerox Corporation makes no representations concerning either the
 *    merchantability of this software or the suitability of this
 *    software for any particular purpose.  It is provided "as is"
 *    without express or implied warranty of any kind.
 *    These notices must be retained in any copies of any part of this
 *    software.
 * Based on Merkle's reference implementation, version 2.0, 31 July 1989.
 * Snefru 2.0's 8 standard S boxes replaced with Snefru 2.5's 16.

typedef uint32 snefru512_word;

#define SBOXCOUNT 16

typedef snefru512_word SBOX[256];

static SBOX snefru512_sboxes[SBOXCOUNT] =
      /* Start of S Box 0  */
      0x64f9001bL, 0xfeddcdf6L, 0x7c8ff1e2L, 0x11d71514L,
      0x8b8c18d3L, 0xdddf881eL, 0x6eab5056L, 0x88ced8e1L,
      0x49148959L, 0x69c56fd5L, 0xb7994f03L, 0x0fbcee3eL,
      0x3c264940L, 0x21557e58L, 0xe14b3fc2L, 0x2e5cf591L,
      0xdceff8ceL, 0x092a1648L, 0xbe812936L, 0xff7b0c6aL,
      0xd5251037L, 0xafa448f1L, 0x7dafc95aL, 0x1ea69c3fL,
      0xa417abe7L, 0x5890e423L, 0xb0cb70c0L, 0xc85025f7L,
      0x244d97e3L, 0x1ff3595fL, 0xc4ec6396L, 0x59181e17L,
      0xe635b477L, 0x354e7dbfL, 0x796f7753L, 0x66eb52ccL,
      0x77c3f995L, 0x32e3a927L, 0x80ccaed6L, 0x4e2be89dL,
      0x375bbd28L, 0xad1a3d05L, 0x2b1b42b3L, 0x16c44c71L,
      0x4d54bfa8L, 0xe57ddc7aL, 0xec6d8144L, 0x5a71046bL,
      0xd8229650L, 0x87fc8f24L, 0xcbc60e09L, 0xb6390366L,
      0xd9f76092L, 0xd393a70bL, 0x1d31a08aL, 0x9cd971c9L,
      0x5c1ef445L, 0x86fab694L, 0xfdb44165L, 0x8eaafcbeL,
      0x4bcac6ebL, 0xfb7a94e5L, 0x5789d04eL, 0xfa13cf35L,
      0x236b8da9L, 0x4133f000L, 0x6224261cL, 0xf412f23bL,
      0xe75e56a4L, 0x30022116L, 0xbaf17f1fL, 0xd09872f9L,
      0xc1a3699cL, 0xf1e802aaL, 0x0dd145dcL, 0x4fdce093L,
      0x8d8412f0L, 0x6cd0f376L, 0x3de6b73dL, 0x84ba737fL,
      0xb43a30f2L, 0x44569f69L, 0x00e4eacaL, 0xb58de3b0L,
      0x959113c8L, 0xd62efee9L, 0x90861f83L, 0xced69874L,
      0x2f793ceeL, 0xe8571c30L, 0x483665d1L, 0xab07b031L,
      0x914c844fL, 0x15bf3be8L, 0x2c3f2a9aL, 0x9eb95fd4L,
      0x92e7472dL, 0x2297cc5bL, 0xee5f2782L, 0x5377b562L,
      0xdb8ebbcfL, 0xf961deddL, 0xc59b5c60L, 0x1bd3910dL,
      0x26d206adL, 0xb28514d8L, 0x5ecf6b52L, 0x7fea78bbL,
      0x504879acL, 0xed34a884L, 0x36e51d3cL, 0x1753741dL,
      0x8c47caedL, 0x9d0a40efL, 0x3145e221L, 0xda27eb70L,
      0xdf730ba3L, 0x183c8789L, 0x739ac0a6L, 0x9a58dfc6L,
      0x54b134c1L, 0xac3e242eL, 0xcc493902L, 0x7b2dda99L,
      0x8f15bc01L, 0x29fd38c7L, 0x27d5318fL, 0x604aaff5L,
      0xf29c6818L, 0xc38aa2ecL, 0x1019d4c3L, 0xa8fb936eL,
      0x20ed7b39L, 0x0b686119L, 0x89a0906fL, 0x1cc7829eL,
      0x9952ef4bL, 0x850e9e8cL, 0xcd063a90L, 0x67002f8eL,
      0xcfac8cb7L, 0xeaa24b11L, 0x988b4e6cL, 0x46f066dfL,
      0xca7eec08L, 0xc7bba664L, 0x831d17bdL, 0x63f575e6L,
      0x9764350eL, 0x47870d42L, 0x026ca4a2L, 0x8167d587L,
      0x61b6adabL, 0xaa6564d2L, 0x70da237bL, 0x25e1c74aL,
      0xa1c901a0L, 0x0eb0a5daL, 0x7670f741L, 0x51c05aeaL,
      0x933dfa32L, 0x0759ff1aL, 0x56010ab8L, 0x5fdecb78L,
      0x3f32edf8L, 0xaebedbb9L, 0x39f8326dL, 0xd20858c5L,
      0x9b638be4L, 0xa572c80aL, 0x28e0a19fL, 0x432099fcL,
      0x3a37c3cdL, 0xbf95c585L, 0xb392c12aL, 0x6aa707d7L,
      0x52f66a61L, 0x12d483b1L, 0x96435b5eL, 0x3e75802bL,
      0x3ba52b33L, 0xa99f51a5L, 0xbda1e157L, 0x78c2e70cL,
      0xfcae7ce0L, 0xd1602267L, 0x2affac4dL, 0x4a510947L,
      0x0ab2b83aL, 0x7a04e579L, 0x340dfd80L, 0xb916e922L,
      0xe29d5e9bL, 0xf5624af4L, 0x4ca9d9afL, 0x6bbd2cfeL,
      0xe3b7f620L, 0xc2746e07L, 0x5b42b9b6L, 0xa06919bcL,
      0xf0f2c40fL, 0x72217ab5L, 0x14c19df3L, 0xf3802daeL,
      0xe094beb4L, 0xa2101affL, 0x0529575dL, 0x55cdb27cL,
      0xa33bddb2L, 0x6528b37dL, 0x740c05dbL, 0xe96a62c4L,
      0x40782846L, 0x6d30d706L, 0xbbf48e2cL, 0xbce2d3deL,
      0x049e37faL, 0x01b5e634L, 0x2d886d8dL, 0x7e5a2e7eL,
      0xd7412013L, 0x06e90f97L, 0xe45d3ebaL, 0xb8ad3386L,
      0x13051b25L, 0x0c035354L, 0x71c89b75L, 0xc638fbd0L,
      0x197f11a1L, 0xef0f08fbL, 0xf8448651L, 0x38409563L,
      0x452f4443L, 0x5d464d55L, 0x03d8764cL, 0xb1b8d638L,
      0xa70bba2fL, 0x94b3d210L, 0xeb6692a7L, 0xd409c2d9L,
      0x68838526L, 0xa6db8a15L, 0x751f6c98L, 0xde769a88L,
      0xc9ee4668L, 0x1a82a373L, 0x0896aa49L, 0x42233681L,
      0xf62c55cbL, 0x9f1c5404L, 0xf74fb15cL, 0xc06e4312L,
      0x6ffe5d72L, 0x8aa8678bL, 0x337cd129L, 0x8211cefdL
      /* End   of S Box 0  */
      /* Start of S Box 1  */
      0x074a1d09L, 0x52a10e5aL, 0x9275a3f8L, 0x4b82506cL,
      0x37df7e1bL, 0x4c78b3c5L, 0xcefab1daL, 0xf472267eL,
      0xb63045f6L, 0xd66a1fc0L, 0x400298e3L, 0x27e60c94L,
      0x87d2f1b8L, 0xdf9e56ccL, 0x45cd1803L, 0x1d35e098L,
      0xcce7c736L, 0x03483bf1L, 0x1f7307d7L, 0xc6e8f948L,
      0xe613c111L, 0x3955c6ffL, 0x1170ed7cL, 0x8e95da41L,
      0x99c31bf4L, 0xa4da8021L, 0x7b5f94fbL, 0xdd0da51fL,
      0x6562aa77L, 0x556bcb23L, 0xdb1bacc6L, 0x798040b9L,
      0xbfe5378fL, 0x731d55e6L, 0xdaa5bfeeL, 0x389bbc60L,
      0x1b33fba4L, 0x9c567204L, 0x36c26c68L, 0x77ee9d69L,
      0x8aeb3e88L, 0x2d50b5ceL, 0x9579e790L, 0x42b13cfcL,
      0x33fbd32bL, 0xee0503a7L, 0xb5862824L, 0x15e41eadL,
      0xc8412ef7L, 0x9d441275L, 0x2fcec582L, 0x5ff483b7L,
      0x8f3931dfL, 0x2e5d2a7bL, 0x49467bf9L, 0x0653dea9L,
      0x2684ce35L, 0x7e655e5cL, 0xf12771d8L, 0xbb15cc67L,
      0xab097ca1L, 0x983dcf52L, 0x10ddf026L, 0x21267f57L,
      0x2c58f6b4L, 0x31043265L, 0x0bab8c01L, 0xd5492099L,
      0xacaae619L, 0x944ce54aL, 0xf2d13d39L, 0xadd3fc32L,
      0xcda08a40L, 0xe2b0d451L, 0x9efe08aeL, 0xb9d50fd2L,
      0xea5cd7fdL, 0xc9a749ddL, 0x13ea2253L, 0x832debaaL,
      0x24be640fL, 0xe03e926aL, 0x29e01cdeL, 0x8bf59f18L,
      0x0f9d00b6L, 0xe1238b46L, 0x1e7d8e34L, 0x93619adbL,
      0x76b32f9fL, 0xbd972cecL, 0xe31fa976L, 0xa68fbb10L,
      0xfb3ba49dL, 0x8587c41dL, 0xa5add1d0L, 0xf3cf84bfL,
      0xd4e11150L, 0xd9ffa6bcL, 0xc3f6018cL, 0xaef10572L,
      0x74a64b2fL, 0xe7dc9559L, 0x2aae35d5L, 0x5b6f587fL,
      0xa9e353feL, 0xca4fb674L, 0x04ba24a8L, 0xe5c6875fL,
      0xdcbc6266L, 0x6bc5c03fL, 0x661eef02L, 0xed740babL,
      0x058e34e4L, 0xb7e946cfL, 0x88698125L, 0x72ec48edL,
      0xb11073a3L, 0xa13485ebL, 0xa2a2429cL, 0xfa407547L,
      0x50b76713L, 0x5418c37dL, 0x96192da5L, 0x170bb04bL,
      0x518a021eL, 0xb0ac13d1L, 0x0963fa2aL, 0x4a6e10e1L,
      0x58472bdcL, 0xf7f8d962L, 0x979139eaL, 0x8d856538L,
      0xc0997042L, 0x48324d7aL, 0x447623cbL, 0x8cbbe364L,
      0x6e0c6b0eL, 0xd36d63b0L, 0x3f244c84L, 0x3542c971L,
      0x2b228dc1L, 0xcb0325bbL, 0xf8c0d6e9L, 0xde11066bL,
      0xa8649327L, 0xfc31f83eL, 0x7dd80406L, 0xf916dd61L,
      0xd89f79d3L, 0x615144c2L, 0xebb45d31L, 0x28002958L,
      0x56890a37L, 0xf05b3808L, 0x123ae844L, 0x86839e16L,
      0x914b0d83L, 0xc506b43cL, 0xcf3cba5eL, 0x7c60f5c9L,
      0x22deb2a0L, 0x5d9c2715L, 0xc77ba0efL, 0x4f45360bL,
      0xc1017d8bL, 0xe45adc29L, 0xa759909bL, 0x412cd293L,
      0xd7d796b1L, 0x00c8ff30L, 0x23a34a80L, 0x4ec15c91L,
      0x714e78b5L, 0x47b9e42eL, 0x78f3ea4dL, 0x7f078f5bL,
      0x346c593aL, 0xa3a87a1aL, 0x9bcbfe12L, 0x3d439963L,
      0xb2ef6d8eL, 0xb8d46028L, 0x6c2fd5caL, 0x62675256L,
      0x01f2a2f3L, 0xbc96ae0aL, 0x709a8920L, 0xb4146e87L,
      0x6308b9e2L, 0x64bda7baL, 0xafed6892L, 0x6037f2a2L,
      0xf52969e0L, 0x0adb43a6L, 0x82811400L, 0x90d0bdf0L,
      0x19c9549eL, 0x203f6a73L, 0x1accaf4fL, 0x89714e6dL,
      0x164d4705L, 0x67665f07L, 0xec206170L, 0x0c2182b2L,
      0xa02b9c81L, 0x53289722L, 0xf6a97686L, 0x140e4179L,
      0x9f778849L, 0x9a88e15dL, 0x25cadb54L, 0xd157f36fL,
      0x32a421c3L, 0xb368e98aL, 0x5a92cd0dL, 0x757aa8d4L,
      0xc20ac278L, 0x08b551c7L, 0x849491e8L, 0x4dc75ad6L,
      0x697c33beL, 0xbaf0ca33L, 0x46125b4eL, 0x59d677b3L,
      0x30d9c8f2L, 0xd0af860cL, 0x1c7fd0faL, 0xfe0ff72cL,
      0x5c8d6f43L, 0x57fdec3bL, 0x6ab6ad97L, 0xd22adf89L,
      0x18171785L, 0x02bfe22dL, 0x6db80917L, 0x80b216afL,
      0xe85e4f9aL, 0x7a1c306eL, 0x6fc49bf5L, 0x3af7a11cL,
      0x81e215e7L, 0x68363fcdL, 0x3e9357c8L, 0xef52fd55L,
      0x3b8bab4cL, 0x3c8cf495L, 0xbefceebdL, 0xfd25b714L,
      0xc498d83dL, 0x0d2e1a8dL, 0xe9f966acL, 0x0e387445L,
      0x435419e5L, 0x5e7ebec4L, 0xaa90b8d9L, 0xff1a3a96L
      /* End   of S Box 1  */
      /* Start of S Box 2  */
      0x4a8fe4e3L, 0xf27d99cdL, 0xd04a40caL, 0xcb5ff194L,
      0x3668275aL, 0xff4816beL, 0xa78b394cL, 0x4c6be9dbL,
      0x4eec38d2L, 0x4296ec80L, 0xcdce96f8L, 0x888c2f38L,
      0xe75508f5L, 0x7b916414L, 0x060aa14aL, 0xa214f327L,
      0xbe608dafL, 0x1ebbdec2L, 0x61f98ce9L, 0xe92156feL,
      0x4f22d7a3L, 0x3f76a8d9L, 0x559a4b33L, 0x38ad2959L,
      0xf3f17e9eL, 0x85e1ba91L, 0xe5eba6fbL, 0x73dcd48cL,
      0xf5c3ff78L, 0x481b6058L, 0x8a3297f7L, 0x8f1f3bf4L,
      0x93785ab2L, 0x477a4a5bL, 0x6334eb5dL, 0x6d251b2eL,
      0x74a9102dL, 0x07e38ffaL, 0x915c9c62L, 0xccc275eaL,
      0x6be273ecL, 0x3ebddd70L, 0xd895796cL, 0xdc54a91bL,
      0xc9afdf81L, 0x23633f73L, 0x275119b4L, 0xb19f6b67L,
      0x50756e22L, 0x2bb152e2L, 0x76ea46a2L, 0xa353e232L,
      0x2f596ad6L, 0x0b1edb0bL, 0x02d3d9a4L, 0x78b47843L,
      0x64893e90L, 0x40f0caadL, 0xf68d3ad7L, 0x46fd1707L,
      0x1c9c67efL, 0xb5e086deL, 0x96ee6ca6L, 0x9aa34774L,
      0x1ba4f48aL, 0x8d01abfdL, 0x183ee1f6L, 0x5ff8aa7aL,
      0x17e4faaeL, 0x303983b0L, 0x6c08668bL, 0xd4ac4382L,
      0xe6c5849fL, 0x92fefb53L, 0xc1cac4ceL, 0x43501388L,
      0x441118cfL, 0xec4fb308L, 0x53a08e86L, 0x9e0fe0c5L,
      0xf91c1525L, 0xac45be05L, 0xd7987cb5L, 0x49ba1487L,
      0x57938940L, 0xd5877648L, 0xa958727fL, 0x58dfe3c3L,
      0xf436cf77L, 0x399e4d11L, 0xf0a5bfa9L, 0xef61a33bL,
      0xa64cac60L, 0x04a8d0baL, 0x030dd572L, 0xb83d320fL,
      0xcab23045L, 0xe366f2f0L, 0x815d008dL, 0xc897a43aL,
      0x1d352df3L, 0xb9cc571dL, 0x8bf38744L, 0x72209092L,
      0xeba124ebL, 0xfb99ce5eL, 0x3bb94293L, 0x28da549cL,
      0xaab8a228L, 0xa4197785L, 0x33c70296L, 0x25f6259bL,
      0x5c85da21L, 0xdf15bdeeL, 0x15b7c7e8L, 0xe2abef75L,
      0xfcc19bc1L, 0x417ff868L, 0x14884434L, 0x62825179L,
      0xc6d5c11cL, 0x0e4705dcL, 0x22700de0L, 0xd3d2af18L,
      0x9be822a0L, 0x35b669f1L, 0xc42bb55cL, 0x0a801252L,
      0x115bf0fcL, 0x3cd7d856L, 0xb43f5f9dL, 0xc2306516L,
      0xa1231c47L, 0xf149207eL, 0x5209a795L, 0x34b3ccd8L,
      0x67aefe54L, 0x2c83924eL, 0x6662cbacL, 0x5eedd161L,
      0x84e681aaL, 0x5d57d26bL, 0xfa465cc4L, 0x7e3ac3a8L,
      0xbf7c0cc6L, 0xe18a9aa1L, 0xc32f0a6fL, 0xb22cc00dL,
      0x3d280369L, 0x994e554fL, 0x68f480d3L, 0xadcff5e6L,
      0x3a8eb265L, 0x83269831L, 0xbd568a09L, 0x4bc8ae6aL,
      0x69f56d2bL, 0x0f17eac8L, 0x772eb6c7L, 0x9f41343cL,
      0xab1d0742L, 0x826a6f50L, 0xfea2097cL, 0x1912c283L,
      0xce185899L, 0xe4444839L, 0x2d8635d5L, 0x65d0b1ffL,
      0x865a7f17L, 0x326d9fb1L, 0x59e52820L, 0x0090ade1L,
      0x753c7149L, 0x9ddd8b98L, 0xa5a691daL, 0x0d0382bbL,
      0x8904c930L, 0x086cb000L, 0x6e69d3bdL, 0x24d4e7a7L,
      0x05244fd0L, 0x101a5e0cL, 0x6a947dcbL, 0xe840f77bL,
      0x7d0c5003L, 0x7c370f1fL, 0x805245edL, 0xe05e3d3fL,
      0x7906880eL, 0xbabfcd35L, 0x1a7ec697L, 0x8c052324L,
      0x0c6ec8dfL, 0xd129a589L, 0xc7a75b02L, 0x12d81de7L,
      0xd9be2a66L, 0x1f4263abL, 0xde73fdb6L, 0x2a00680aL,
      0x56649e36L, 0x3133ed55L, 0x90fa0bf2L, 0x2910a02aL,
      0x949d9d46L, 0xa0d1dcddL, 0xcfc9b7d4L, 0xd2677be5L,
      0x95cb36b3L, 0x13cd9410L, 0xdbf73313L, 0xb7c6e8c0L,
      0xf781414bL, 0x510b016dL, 0xb0de1157L, 0xd6b0f62cL,
      0xbb074eccL, 0x7f1395b7L, 0xee792cf9L, 0xea6fd63eL,
      0x5bd6938eL, 0xaf02fc64L, 0xdab57ab8L, 0x8edb3784L,
      0x8716318fL, 0x164d1a01L, 0x26f26141L, 0xb372e6b9L,
      0xf8fc2b06L, 0x7ac00e04L, 0x3727b89aL, 0x97e9bca5L,
      0x9c2a742fL, 0xbc3b1f7dL, 0x7165b471L, 0x609b4c29L,
      0x20925351L, 0x5ae72112L, 0x454be5d1L, 0xc0ffb95fL,
      0xdd0ef919L, 0x6f2d70c9L, 0x0974c5bfL, 0x98aa6263L,
      0x01d91e4dL, 0x2184bb6eL, 0x70c43c1eL, 0x4d435915L,
      0xae7b8523L, 0xb6fb06bcL, 0x5431ee76L, 0xfdbc5d26L,
      0xed77493dL, 0xc5712ee4L, 0xa8380437L, 0x2eef261aL
      /* End   of S Box 2  */
      /* Start of S Box 3  */
      0x5a79392bL, 0xb8af32c2L, 0x41f7720aL, 0x833a61ecL,
      0x13dfedacL, 0xc4990bc4L, 0xdc0f54bcL, 0xfedd5e88L,
      0x80da1881L, 0x4dea1afdL, 0xfd402cc6L, 0xae67cc7aL,
      0xc5238525L, 0x8ea01254L, 0xb56b9bd5L, 0x862fbd6dL,
      0xac8575d3L, 0x6fba3714L, 0xda7ebf46L, 0x59cd5238L,
      0x8ac9dbfeL, 0x353729fcL, 0xe497d7f2L, 0xc3ab84e0L,
      0xf05a114bL, 0x7b887a75L, 0xedc603ddL, 0x5e6fe680L,
      0x2c84b399L, 0x884eb1daL, 0x1cb8c8bfL, 0xaa51098aL,
      0xc862231cL, 0x8bac2221L, 0x21b387e5L, 0x208a430dL,
      0x2a3f0f8bL, 0xa5ff9cd2L, 0x6012a2eaL, 0x147a9ee7L,
      0xf62a501dL, 0xb4b2e51aL, 0x3ef3484cL, 0xc0253c59L,
      0x2b82b536L, 0x0aa9696bL, 0xbe0c109bL, 0xc70b7929L,
      0xce3e8a19L, 0x2f66950eL, 0x459f1c2cL, 0xe68fb93dL,
      0xa3c3ff3eL, 0x62b45c62L, 0x300991cbL, 0x01914c57L,
      0x7f7bc06aL, 0x182831f5L, 0xe7b74bcaL, 0xfa50f6d0L,
      0x523caa61L, 0xe3a7cf05L, 0xe9e41311L, 0x280a21d1L,
      0x6a4297e1L, 0xf24dc67eL, 0xfc3189e6L, 0xb72bf34fL,
      0x4b1e67afL, 0x543402ceL, 0x79a59867L, 0x0648e02aL,
      0x00a3ac17L, 0xc6208d35L, 0x6e7f5f76L, 0xa45bb4beL,
      0xf168fa63L, 0x3f4125f3L, 0xf311406fL, 0x02706565L,
      0xbfe58022L, 0x0cfcfdd9L, 0x0735a7f7L, 0x8f049092L,
      0xd98edc27L, 0xf5c5d55cL, 0xe0f201dbL, 0x0dcafc9aL,
      0x7727fb79L, 0xaf43abf4L, 0x26e938c1L, 0x401b26a6L,
      0x900720faL, 0x2752d97bL, 0xcff1d1b3L, 0xa9d9e424L,
      0x42db99abL, 0x6cf8be5fL, 0xe82cebe3L, 0x3afb733bL,
      0x6b734eb6L, 0x1036414aL, 0x975f667cL, 0x049d6377L,
      0xba587c60L, 0xb1d10483L, 0xde1aefccL, 0x1129d055L,
      0x72051e91L, 0x6946d623L, 0xf9e86ea7L, 0x48768c00L,
      0xb0166c93L, 0x9956bbf0L, 0x1f1f6d84L, 0xfb15e18eL,
      0x033b495dL, 0x56e3362eL, 0x4f44c53cL, 0x747cba51L,
      0x89d37872L, 0x5d9c331bL, 0xd2ef9fa8L, 0x254917f8L,
      0x1b106f47L, 0x37d75553L, 0xb3f053b0L, 0x7dccd8efL,
      0xd30eb802L, 0x5889f42dL, 0x610206d7L, 0x1a7d34a1L,
      0x92d87dd8L, 0xe5f4a315L, 0xd1cf0e71L, 0xb22dfe45L,
      0xb901e8ebL, 0x0fc0ce5eL, 0x2efa60c9L, 0x2de74290L,
      0x36d0c906L, 0x381c70e4L, 0x4c6da5b5L, 0x3d81a682L,
      0x7e381f34L, 0x396c4f52L, 0x95ad5901L, 0x1db50c5aL,
      0x29982e9eL, 0x1557689fL, 0x3471ee42L, 0xd7e2f7c0L,
      0x8795a1e2L, 0xbc324d8dL, 0xe224c3c8L, 0x12837e39L,
      0xcdee3d74L, 0x7ad2143fL, 0x0e13d40cL, 0x78bd4a68L,
      0xa2eb194dL, 0xdb9451f9L, 0x859b71dcL, 0x5c4f5b89L,
      0xca14a8a4L, 0xef92f003L, 0x16741d98L, 0x33aa4444L,
      0x9e967fbbL, 0x092e3020L, 0xd86a35b8L, 0x8cc17b10L,
      0xe1bf08aeL, 0x55693fc5L, 0x7680ad13L, 0x1e6546e8L,
      0x23b6e7b9L, 0xee77a4b2L, 0x08ed0533L, 0x44fd2895L,
      0xb6393b69L, 0x05d6cacfL, 0x9819b209L, 0xecbbb72fL,
      0x9a75779cL, 0xeaec0749L, 0x94a65aeeL, 0xbdf52dc3L,
      0xd6a25d04L, 0x82008e4eL, 0xa6de160fL, 0x9b036afbL,
      0x228b3a66L, 0x5fb10a70L, 0xcc338b58L, 0x5378a9dfL,
      0xc908bca9L, 0x4959e25bL, 0x46909a97L, 0x66ae8f6eL,
      0xdd0683e9L, 0x65f994b4L, 0x6426cda5L, 0xc24b8840L,
      0x32539da0L, 0x63175650L, 0xd0c815ffL, 0x50cbc41eL,
      0xf7c774a3L, 0x31b0c231L, 0x8d0d8116L, 0x24bef16cL,
      0xd555d256L, 0xdf47ea8cL, 0x6d21eccdL, 0xa887a012L,
      0x84542aedL, 0xa7b9c1bdL, 0x914c1bb1L, 0xa0d5b67dL,
      0x438ce937L, 0x7030f873L, 0x71f6b0c7L, 0x574576baL,
      0xf8bc4541L, 0x9c61d348L, 0x1960579dL, 0x17c4daadL,
      0x96a4cb0bL, 0xc193f2f6L, 0x756eafa2L, 0x7c1d2f94L,
      0xf4fe2b43L, 0xcb86e33aL, 0xebd4c728L, 0x9d18ae64L,
      0x9fe13e30L, 0x3ce0f5deL, 0xaba1f985L, 0xaddc2718L,
      0x68ce6278L, 0xd45e241fL, 0xa15c82b7L, 0x3b2293d4L,
      0x739edd32L, 0x674a6bf1L, 0x5b5d587fL, 0x4772deaaL,
      0x4a63968fL, 0x0be68686L, 0x513d6426L, 0x939a4787L,
      0xbba89296L, 0x4ec20007L, 0x818d0d08L, 0xff64dfd6L
      /* End   of S Box 3  */
      /* Start of S Box 4  */
      0xcb2297cbL, 0xdb48a144L, 0xa16cbe4bL, 0xbbea1d6cL,
      0x5af6b6b7L, 0x8a8110b6L, 0xf9236ef9L, 0xc98f83e6L,
      0x0f9c65b8L, 0x252d4a89L, 0xa497f068L, 0xa5d7ed2dL,
      0x94c22845L, 0x9da1c8c4L, 0xe27c2e2eL, 0x6e8ba2b4L,
      0xc3dd17fbL, 0x498cd482L, 0x0dfe6a9fL, 0xb0705829L,
      0x9a1e6dc1L, 0xf829717cL, 0x07bb8e3aL, 0xda3c0b02L,
      0x1af82fc7L, 0x73b70955L, 0x7a04379cL, 0x5ee20a28L,
      0x83712ae5L, 0xf4c47c6dL, 0xdf72ba56L, 0xd794858dL,
      0x8c0cf709L, 0x18f0f390L, 0xb6c69b35L, 0xbf2f01dbL,
      0x2fa74dcaL, 0xd0cd9127L, 0xbde66cecL, 0x3deebd46L,
      0x57c88fc3L, 0xcee1406fL, 0x0066385aL, 0xf3c3444fL,
      0x3a79d5d5L, 0x75751eb9L, 0x3e7f8185L, 0x521c2605L,
      0xe1aaab6eL, 0x38ebb80fL, 0xbee7e904L, 0x61cb9647L,
      0xea54904eL, 0x05ae00e4L, 0x2d7ac65fL, 0x087751a1L,
      0xdcd82915L, 0x0921ee16L, 0xdd86d33bL, 0xd6bd491aL,
      0x40fbadf0L, 0x4232cbd2L, 0x33808d10L, 0x39098c42L,
      0x193f3199L, 0x0bc1e47aL, 0x4a82b149L, 0x02b65a8aL,
      0x104cdc8eL, 0x24a8f52cL, 0x685c6077L, 0xc79f95c9L,
      0x1d11fe50L, 0xc08dafcdL, 0x7b1a9a03L, 0x1c1f11d8L,
      0x84250e7fL, 0x979db248L, 0xebdc0501L, 0xb9553395L,
      0xe3c05ea8L, 0xb1e51c4cL, 0x13b0e681L, 0x3b407766L,
      0x36db3087L, 0xee17c9fcL, 0x6c53ecf2L, 0xadccc58fL,
      0xc427660bL, 0xefd5867dL, 0x9b6d54a5L, 0x6ff1aeffL,
      0x8e787952L, 0x9e2bffe0L, 0x8761d034L, 0xe00bdbadL,
      0xae99a8d3L, 0xcc03f6e2L, 0xfd0ed807L, 0x0e508ae3L,
      0xb74182abL, 0x4349245dL, 0xd120a465L, 0xb246a641L,
      0xaf3b7ab0L, 0x2a6488bbL, 0x4b3a0d1fL, 0xe7c7e58cL,
      0x3faff2ebL, 0x90445ffdL, 0xcf38c393L, 0x995d07e7L,
      0xf24f1b36L, 0x356f6891L, 0x6d6ebcbeL, 0x8da9e262L,
      0x50fd520eL, 0x5bca9e1eL, 0x37472cf3L, 0x69075057L,
      0x7ec5fdedL, 0x0cab892aL, 0xfb2412baL, 0x1728debfL,
      0xa000a988L, 0xd843ce79L, 0x042e20ddL, 0x4fe8f853L,
      0x56659c3cL, 0x2739d119L, 0xa78a6120L, 0x80960375L,
      0x70420611L, 0x85e09f78L, 0xabd17e96L, 0x1b513eafL,
      0x1e01eb63L, 0x26ad2133L, 0xa890c094L, 0x7613cf60L,
      0x817e781bL, 0xa39113d7L, 0xe957fa58L, 0x4131b99eL,
      0x28b1efdaL, 0x66acfba7L, 0xff68944aL, 0x77a44fd1L,
      0x7f331522L, 0x59ffb3faL, 0xa6df935bL, 0xfa12d9dfL,
      0xc6bf6f3fL, 0x89520cf6L, 0x659edd6aL, 0x544da739L,
      0x8b052538L, 0x7c30ea21L, 0xc2345525L, 0x15927fb2L,
      0x144a436bL, 0xba107b8bL, 0x1219ac97L, 0x06730432L,
      0x31831ab3L, 0xc55a5c24L, 0xaa0fcd3eL, 0xe5606be8L,
      0x5c88f19bL, 0x4c0841eeL, 0x1fe37267L, 0x11f9c4f4L,
      0x9f1b9daeL, 0x864e76d0L, 0xe637c731L, 0xd97d23a6L,
      0x32f53d5cL, 0xb8161980L, 0x93fa0f84L, 0xcaef0870L,
      0x8874487eL, 0x98f2cc73L, 0x645fb5c6L, 0xcd853659L,
      0x2062470dL, 0x16ede8e9L, 0x6b06dab5L, 0x78b43900L,
      0xfc95b786L, 0x5d8e7de1L, 0x465b5954L, 0xfe7ba014L,
      0xf7d23f7bL, 0x92bc8b18L, 0x03593592L, 0x55cef4f7L,
      0x74b27317L, 0x79de1fc2L, 0xc8a0bfbdL, 0x229398ccL,
      0x62a602ceL, 0xbcb94661L, 0x5336d206L, 0xd2a375feL,
      0x6a6ab483L, 0x4702a5a4L, 0xa2e9d73dL, 0x23a2e0f1L,
      0x9189140aL, 0x581d18dcL, 0xb39a922bL, 0x82356212L,
      0xd5f432a9L, 0xd356c2a3L, 0x5f765b4dL, 0x450afcc8L,
      0x4415e137L, 0xe8ecdfbcL, 0xed0de3eaL, 0x60d42b13L,
      0xf13df971L, 0x71fc5da2L, 0xc1455340L, 0xf087742fL,
      0xf55e5751L, 0x67b3c1f8L, 0xac6b8774L, 0x7dcfaaacL,
      0x95983bc0L, 0x489bb0b1L, 0x2c184223L, 0x964b6726L,
      0x2bd3271cL, 0x72266472L, 0xded64530L, 0x0a2aa343L,
      0xd4f716a0L, 0xb4dad6d9L, 0x2184345eL, 0x512c990cL,
      0x29d92d08L, 0x2ebe709aL, 0x01144c69L, 0x34584b9dL,
      0xe4634ed6L, 0xecc963cfL, 0x3c6984aaL, 0x4ed056efL,
      0x9ca56976L, 0x8f3e80d4L, 0xb5bae7c5L, 0x30b5caf5L,
      0x63f33a64L, 0xa9e4bbdeL, 0xf6b82298L, 0x4d673c1dL
      /* End   of S Box 4  */
      /* Start of S Box 5  */
      0x4b4f1121L, 0xba183081L, 0xc784f41fL, 0xd17d0bacL,
      0x083d2267L, 0x37b1361eL, 0x3581ad05L, 0xfda2f6bcL,
      0x1e892cddL, 0xb56d3c3aL, 0x32140e46L, 0x138d8aabL,
      0xe14773d4L, 0x5b0e71dfL, 0x5d1fe055L, 0x3fb991d3L,
      0xf1f46c71L, 0xa325988cL, 0x10f66e80L, 0xb1006348L,
      0x726a9f60L, 0x3b67f8baL, 0x4e114ef4L, 0x05c52115L,
      0x4c5ca11cL, 0x99e1efd8L, 0x471b83b3L, 0xcbf7e524L,
      0x43ad82f5L, 0x690ca93bL, 0xfaa61bb2L, 0x12a832b5L,
      0xb734f943L, 0xbd22aea7L, 0x88fec626L, 0x5e80c3e7L,
      0xbe3eaf5eL, 0x44617652L, 0xa5724475L, 0xbb3b9695L,
      0x7f3fee8fL, 0x964e7debL, 0x518c052dL, 0x2a0bbc2bL,
      0xc2175f5cL, 0x9a7b3889L, 0xa70d8d0cL, 0xeaccdd29L,
      0xcccd6658L, 0x34bb25e6L, 0xb8391090L, 0xf651356fL,
      0x52987c9eL, 0x0c16c1cdL, 0x8e372d3cL, 0x2fc6ebbdL,
      0x6e5da3e3L, 0xb0e27239L, 0x5f685738L, 0x45411786L,
      0x067f65f8L, 0x61778b40L, 0x81ab2e65L, 0x14c8f0f9L,
      0xa6b7b4ceL, 0x4036eaecL, 0xbf62b00aL, 0xecfd5e02L,
      0x045449a6L, 0xb20afd28L, 0x2166d273L, 0x0d13a863L,
      0x89508756L, 0xd51a7530L, 0x2d653f7aL, 0x3cdbdbc3L,
      0x80c9df4fL, 0x3d5812d9L, 0x53fbb1f3L, 0xc0f185c0L,
      0x7a3c3d7eL, 0x68646410L, 0x857607a0L, 0x1d12622eL,
      0x97f33466L, 0xdb4c9917L, 0x6469607cL, 0x566e043dL,
      0x79ef1edbL, 0x2c05898dL, 0xc9578e25L, 0xcd380101L,
      0x46e04377L, 0x7d1cc7a9L, 0x6552b837L, 0x20192608L,
      0xb97500c5L, 0xed296b44L, 0x368648b4L, 0x62995cd5L,
      0x82731400L, 0xf9aebd8bL, 0x3844c0c7L, 0x7c2de794L,
      0x33a1a770L, 0x8ae528c2L, 0x5a2be812L, 0x1f8f4a07L,
      0x2b5ed7caL, 0x937eb564L, 0x6fda7e11L, 0xe49b5d6cL,
      0xb4b3244eL, 0x18aa53a4L, 0x3a061334L, 0x4d6067a3L,
      0x83ba5868L, 0x9bdf4dfeL, 0x7449f261L, 0x709f8450L,
      0xcad133cbL, 0xde941c3fL, 0xf52ae484L, 0x781d77edL,
      0x7e4395f0L, 0xae103b59L, 0x922331bbL, 0x42ce50c8L,
      0xe6f08153L, 0xe7d941d0L, 0x5028ed6bL, 0xb3d2c49bL,
      0xad4d9c3eL, 0xd201fb6eL, 0xa45bd5beL, 0xffcb7f4bL,
      0x579d7806L, 0xf821bb5bL, 0x59d592adL, 0xd0be0c31L,
      0xd4e3b676L, 0x0107165aL, 0x0fe939d2L, 0x49bcaafdL,
      0x55ffcfe5L, 0x2ec1f783L, 0xf39a09a5L, 0x3eb42772L,
      0x19b55a5dL, 0x024a0679L, 0x8c83b3f7L, 0x8642ba1dL,
      0xacacd9eaL, 0x87d352c4L, 0x60931f45L, 0xa05f97d7L,
      0x1cecd42cL, 0xe2fcc87bL, 0xb60f94e2L, 0x67a34b0bL,
      0xfcdd40c9L, 0x0b150a27L, 0xd3ee9e04L, 0x582e29e9L,
      0x4ac22b41L, 0x6ac4e1b8L, 0xbccaa51aL, 0x237af30eL,
      0xebc3b709L, 0xc4a59d19L, 0x284bc98aL, 0xe9d41a93L,
      0x6bfa2018L, 0x73b2d651L, 0x11f9a2faL, 0xce09bff1L,
      0x41a470aaL, 0x25888f22L, 0x77e754e8L, 0xf7330d8eL,
      0x158eab16L, 0xc5d68842L, 0xc685a6f6L, 0xe5b82fdeL,
      0x09ea3a96L, 0x6dde1536L, 0x4fa919daL, 0x26c0be9fL,
      0x9eed6f69L, 0xf05555f2L, 0xe06fc285L, 0x9cd76d23L,
      0xaf452a92L, 0xefc74cb7L, 0x9d6b4732L, 0x8be408eeL,
      0x22401d0dL, 0xee6c459dL, 0x7587cb82L, 0xe8746862L,
      0x5cbdde87L, 0x98794278L, 0x31afb94dL, 0xc11e0f2fL,
      0x30e8fc2aL, 0xcf3261efL, 0x1a3023e1L, 0xaa2f86cfL,
      0xf202e24aL, 0x8d08dcffL, 0x764837c6L, 0xa26374ccL,
      0x9f7c3e88L, 0x949cc57dL, 0xdd26a07fL, 0xc39efab0L,
      0xc8f879a1L, 0xdce67bb9L, 0xf4b0a435L, 0x912c9ae0L,
      0xd85603e4L, 0x953a9bbfL, 0xfb8290d6L, 0x0aebcd5fL,
      0x16206a9aL, 0x6c787a14L, 0xd9a0f16aL, 0x29bf4f74L,
      0x8f8bce91L, 0x0e5a9354L, 0xab038cb1L, 0x1b8ad11bL,
      0xe327ff49L, 0x0053da20L, 0x90cf51dcL, 0xda92fe6dL,
      0x0390ca47L, 0xa8958097L, 0xa9dc5bafL, 0x3931e3c1L,
      0x840446b6L, 0x63d069fbL, 0xd7460299L, 0x7124ecd1L,
      0x0791e613L, 0x485918fcL, 0xd635d04cL, 0xdf96ac33L,
      0x66f2d303L, 0x247056aeL, 0xa1a7b2a8L, 0x27d8cc9cL,
      0x17b6e998L, 0x7bf5590fL, 0xfe97f557L, 0x5471d8a2L
      /* End   of S Box 5  */
      /* Start of S Box 6  */
      0x83a327a1L, 0x9f379f51L, 0x40a7d007L, 0x11307423L,
      0x224587c1L, 0xac27d63bL, 0x3b7e64eaL, 0x2e1cbfa6L,
      0x09996000L, 0x03bc0e2cL, 0xd4c4478aL, 0x4542e0abL,
      0xfeda26d4L, 0xc1d10fcbL, 0x8252f596L, 0x4494eb5cL,
      0xa362f314L, 0xf5ba81fdL, 0x75c3a376L, 0x4ca214caL,
      0xe164deddL, 0x5088fa97L, 0x4b0930e0L, 0x2fcfb7e8L,
      0x33a6f4b2L, 0xc7e94211L, 0x2d66c774L, 0x43be8baeL,
      0xc663d445L, 0x908eb130L, 0xf4e3be15L, 0x63b9d566L,
      0x529396b5L, 0x1e1be743L, 0x4d5ff63fL, 0x985e4a83L,
      0x71ab9df7L, 0xc516c6f5L, 0x85c19ab4L, 0x1f4daee4L,
      0xf2973431L, 0xb713dc5eL, 0x3f2e159aL, 0xc824da16L,
      0x06bf376aL, 0xb2fe23ecL, 0xe39b1c22L, 0xf1eecb5fL,
      0x08e82d52L, 0x565686c2L, 0xab0aea93L, 0xfd47219fL,
      0xebdbabd7L, 0x2404a185L, 0x8c7312b9L, 0xa8f2d828L,
      0x0c8902daL, 0x65b42b63L, 0xc0bbef62L, 0x4e3e4cefL,
      0x788f8018L, 0xee1ebab7L, 0x93928f9dL, 0x683d2903L,
      0xd3b60689L, 0xafcb0ddcL, 0x88a4c47aL, 0xf6dd9c3dL,
      0x7ea5fca0L, 0x8a6d7244L, 0xbe11f120L, 0x04ff91b8L,
      0x8d2dc8c0L, 0x27f97fdbL, 0x7f9e1f47L, 0x1734f0c7L,
      0x26f3ed8eL, 0x0df8f2bfL, 0xb0833d9eL, 0xe420a4e5L,
      0xa423cae6L, 0x95616772L, 0x9ae6c049L, 0x075941f2L,
      0xd8e12812L, 0x000f6f4fL, 0x3c0d6b05L, 0x6cef921cL,
      0xb82bc264L, 0x396cb008L, 0x5d608a6fL, 0x6d7782c8L,
      0x186550aaL, 0x6b6fec09L, 0x28e70b13L, 0x57ce5688L,
      0xecd3af84L, 0x23335a95L, 0x91f40cd2L, 0x7b6a3b26L,
      0xbd32b3b6L, 0x3754a6fbL, 0x8ed088f0L, 0xf867e87cL,
      0x20851746L, 0x6410f9c6L, 0x35380442L, 0xc2ca10a7L,
      0x1adea27fL, 0x76bddd79L, 0x92742cf4L, 0x0e98f7eeL,
      0x164e931dL, 0xb9c835b3L, 0x69060a99L, 0xb44c531eL,
      0xfa7b66feL, 0xc98a5b53L, 0x7d95aae9L, 0x302f467bL,
      0x74b811deL, 0xf3866abdL, 0xb5b3d32dL, 0xfc3157a4L,
      0xd251fe19L, 0x0b5d8eacL, 0xda71ffd5L, 0x47ea05a3L,
      0x05c6a9e1L, 0xca0ee958L, 0x9939034dL, 0x25dc5edfL,
      0x79083cb1L, 0x86768450L, 0xcf757d6dL, 0x5972b6bcL,
      0xa78d59c9L, 0xc4ad8d41L, 0x2a362ad3L, 0xd1179991L,
      0x601407ffL, 0xdcf50917L, 0x587069d0L, 0xe0821ed6L,
      0xdbb59427L, 0x73911a4bL, 0x7c904fc3L, 0x844afb92L,
      0x6f8c955dL, 0xe8c0c5bbL, 0xb67ab987L, 0xa529d96cL,
      0xf91f7181L, 0x618b1b06L, 0xe718bb0cL, 0x8bd7615bL,
      0xd5a93a59L, 0x54aef81bL, 0x772136e3L, 0xce44fd9cL,
      0x10cda57eL, 0x87d66e0bL, 0x3d798967L, 0x1b2c1804L,
      0x3edfbd68L, 0x15f6e62bL, 0xef68b854L, 0x3896db35L,
      0x12b7b5e2L, 0xcb489029L, 0x9e4f98a5L, 0x62eb77a8L,
      0x217c24a2L, 0x964152f6L, 0x49b2080aL, 0x53d23ee7L,
      0x48fb6d69L, 0x1903d190L, 0x9449e494L, 0xbf6e7886L,
      0xfb356cfaL, 0x3a261365L, 0x424bc1ebL, 0xa1192570L,
      0x019ca782L, 0x9d3f7e0eL, 0x9c127575L, 0xedf02039L,
      0xad57bcceL, 0x5c153277L, 0x81a84540L, 0xbcaa7356L,
      0xccd59b60L, 0xa62a629bL, 0xa25ccd10L, 0x2b5b65cfL,
      0x1c535832L, 0x55fd4e3aL, 0x31d9790dL, 0xf06bc37dL,
      0x4afc1d71L, 0xaeed5533L, 0xba461634L, 0xbb694b78L,
      0x5f3a5c73L, 0x6a3c764aL, 0x8fb0cca9L, 0xf725684cL,
      0x4fe5382fL, 0x1d0163afL, 0x5aa07a8fL, 0xe205a8edL,
      0xc30bad38L, 0xff22cf1fL, 0x72432e2eL, 0x32c2518bL,
      0x3487ce4eL, 0x7ae0ac02L, 0x709fa098L, 0x0a3b395aL,
      0x5b4043f8L, 0xa9e48c36L, 0x149a8521L, 0xd07dee6bL,
      0x46acd2f3L, 0x8958dffcL, 0xb3a1223cL, 0xb11d31c4L,
      0xcd7f4d3eL, 0x0f28e3adL, 0xe5b100beL, 0xaac54824L,
      0xe9c9d7baL, 0x9bd47001L, 0x80f149b0L, 0x66022f0fL,
      0x020c4048L, 0x6efa192aL, 0x67073f8dL, 0x13ec7bf9L,
      0x3655011aL, 0xe6afe157L, 0xd9845f6eL, 0xdecc4425L,
      0x511ae2ccL, 0xdf81b4d8L, 0xd7809e55L, 0xd6d883d9L,
      0x2cc7978cL, 0x5e787cc5L, 0xdd0033d1L, 0xa050c937L,
      0x97f75dcdL, 0x299de580L, 0x41e2b261L, 0xea5a54f1L
      /* End   of S Box 6  */
      /* Start of S Box 7  */
      0x7e672590L, 0xbea513bbL, 0x2c906fe6L, 0x86029c2bL,
      0x55dc4f74L, 0x0553398eL, 0x63e09647L, 0xcafd0babL,
      0x264c37dfL, 0x8272210fL, 0x67afa669L, 0x12d98a5fL,
      0x8cab23c4L, 0x75c68bd1L, 0xc3370470L, 0x33f37f4eL,
      0x283992ffL, 0xe73a3a67L, 0x1032f283L, 0xf5ad9fc2L,
      0x963f0c5dL, 0x664fbc45L, 0x202ba41cL, 0xc7c02d80L,
      0x54731e84L, 0x8a1085f5L, 0x601d80fbL, 0x2f968e55L,
      0x35e96812L, 0xe45a8f78L, 0xbd7de662L, 0x3b6e6eadL,
      0x8097c5efL, 0x070b6781L, 0xb1e508f3L, 0x24e4fae3L,
      0xb81a7805L, 0xec0fc918L, 0x43c8774bL, 0x9b2512a9L,
      0x2b05ad04L, 0x32c2536fL, 0xedf236e0L, 0x8bc4b0cfL,
      0xbaceb837L, 0x4535b289L, 0x0d0e94c3L, 0xa5a371d0L,
      0xad695a58L, 0x39e3437dL, 0x9186bffcL, 0x21038c3bL,
      0x0aa9dff9L, 0x5d1f06ceL, 0x62def8a4L, 0xf740a2b4L,
      0xa2575868L, 0x682683c1L, 0xdbb30facL, 0x61fe1928L,
      0x468a6511L, 0xc61cd5f4L, 0xe54d9800L, 0x6b98d7f7L,
      0x8418b6a5L, 0x5f09a5d2L, 0x90b4e80bL, 0x49b2c852L,
      0x69f11c77L, 0x17412b7eL, 0x7f6fc0edL, 0x56838dccL,
      0x6e9546a2L, 0xd0758619L, 0x087b9b9aL, 0xd231a01dL,
      0xaf46d415L, 0x097060fdL, 0xd920f657L, 0x882d3f9fL,
      0x3ae7c3c9L, 0xe8a00d9bL, 0x4fe67ebeL, 0x2ef80eb2L,
      0xc1916b0cL, 0xf4dffea0L, 0xb97eb3ebL, 0xfdff84ddL,
      0xff8b14f1L, 0xe96b0572L, 0xf64b508cL, 0xae220a6eL,
      0x4423ae5aL, 0xc2bece5eL, 0xde27567cL, 0xfc935c63L,
      0x47075573L, 0xe65b27f0L, 0xe121fd22L, 0xf2668753L,
      0x2debf5d7L, 0x8347e08dL, 0xac5eda03L, 0x2a7cebe9L,
      0x3fe8d92eL, 0x23542fe4L, 0x1fa7bd50L, 0xcf9b4102L,
      0x9d0dba39L, 0x9cb8902aL, 0xa7249d8bL, 0x0f6d667aL,
      0x5ebfa9ecL, 0x6a594df2L, 0x79600938L, 0x023b7591L,
      0xea2c79c8L, 0xc99d07eaL, 0x64cb5ee1L, 0x1a9cab3dL,
      0x76db9527L, 0xc08e012fL, 0x3dfb481aL, 0x872f22e7L,
      0x2948d15cL, 0xa4782c79L, 0x6f50d232L, 0x78f0728aL,
      0x5a87aab1L, 0xc4e2c19cL, 0xee767387L, 0x1b2a1864L,
      0x7b8d10d3L, 0xd1713161L, 0x0eeac456L, 0xd8799e06L,
      0xb645b548L, 0x4043cb65L, 0xa874fb29L, 0x4b12d030L,
      0x7d687413L, 0x18ef9a1fL, 0xd7631d4cL, 0x5829c7daL,
      0xcdfa30faL, 0xc5084bb0L, 0x92cd20e2L, 0xd4c16940L,
      0x03283ec0L, 0xa917813fL, 0x9a587d01L, 0x70041f8fL,
      0xdc6ab1dcL, 0xddaee3d5L, 0x31829742L, 0x198c022dL,
      0x1c9eafcbL, 0x5bbc6c49L, 0xd3d3293aL, 0x16d50007L,
      0x04bb8820L, 0x3c5c2a41L, 0x37ee7af8L, 0x8eb04025L,
      0x9313ecbaL, 0xbffc4799L, 0x8955a744L, 0xef85d633L,
      0x504499a7L, 0xa6ca6a86L, 0xbb3d3297L, 0xb34a8236L,
      0x6dccbe4fL, 0x06143394L, 0xce19fc7bL, 0xccc3c6c6L,
      0xe36254aeL, 0x77b7eda1L, 0xa133dd9eL, 0xebf9356aL,
      0x513ccf88L, 0xe2a1b417L, 0x972ee5bdL, 0x853824cdL,
      0x5752f4eeL, 0x6c1142e8L, 0x3ea4f309L, 0xb2b5934aL,
      0xdfd628aaL, 0x59acea3eL, 0xa01eb92cL, 0x389964bcL,
      0xda305dd4L, 0x019a59b7L, 0x11d2ca93L, 0xfaa6d3b9L,
      0x4e772ecaL, 0x72651776L, 0xfb4e5b0eL, 0xa38f91a8L,
      0x1d0663b5L, 0x30f4f192L, 0xb50051b6L, 0xb716ccb3L,
      0x4abd1b59L, 0x146c5f26L, 0xf134e2deL, 0x00f67c6cL,
      0xb0e1b795L, 0x98aa4ec7L, 0x0cc73b34L, 0x654276a3L,
      0x8d1ba871L, 0x740a5216L, 0xe0d01a23L, 0x9ed161d6L,
      0x9f36a324L, 0x993ebb7fL, 0xfeb9491bL, 0x365ddcdbL,
      0x810cffc5L, 0x71ec0382L, 0x2249e7bfL, 0x48817046L,
      0xf3a24a5bL, 0x4288e4d9L, 0x0bf5c243L, 0x257fe151L,
      0x95b64c0dL, 0x4164f066L, 0xaaf7db08L, 0x73b1119dL,
      0x8f9f7bb8L, 0xd6844596L, 0xf07a34a6L, 0x53943d0aL,
      0xf9dd166dL, 0x7a8957afL, 0xf8ba3ce5L, 0x27c9621eL,
      0x5cdae910L, 0xc8518998L, 0x941538feL, 0x136115d8L,
      0xaba8443cL, 0x4d01f931L, 0x34edf760L, 0xb45f266bL,
      0xd5d4de14L, 0x52d8ac35L, 0x15cfd885L, 0xcbc5cd21L,
      0x4cd76d4dL, 0x7c80ef54L, 0xbc92ee75L, 0x1e56a1f6L
      /* End   of S Box 7  */
      /* Start of S Box 8  */
      0xbaa20b6cL, 0x9ffbad26L, 0xe1f7d738L, 0x794aec8dL,
      0xc9e9cf3cL, 0x8a9a7846L, 0xc57c4685L, 0xb9a92fedL,
      0x29cb141fL, 0x52f9ddb7L, 0xf68ba6bcL, 0x19ccc020L,
      0x4f584aaaL, 0x3bf6a596L, 0x003b7cf7L, 0x54f0ce9aL,
      0xa7ec4303L, 0x46cf0077L, 0x78d33aa1L, 0x215247d9L,
      0x74bcdf91L, 0x08381d30L, 0xdac43e40L, 0x64872531L,
      0x0beffe5fL, 0xb317f457L, 0xaebb12daL, 0xd5d0d67bL,
      0x7d75c6b4L, 0x42a6d241L, 0x1502d0a9L, 0x3fd97fffL,
      0xc6c3ed28L, 0x81868d0aL, 0x92628bc5L, 0x86679544L,
      0xfd1867afL, 0x5ca3ea61L, 0x568d5578L, 0x4a2d71f4L,
      0x43c9d549L, 0x8d95de2bL, 0x6e5c74a0L, 0x9120ffc7L,
      0x0d05d14aL, 0xa93049d3L, 0xbfa80e17L, 0xf4096810L,
      0x043f5ef5L, 0xa673b4f1L, 0x6d780298L, 0xa4847783L,
      0x5ee726fbL, 0x9934c281L, 0x220a588cL, 0x384e240fL,
      0x933d5c69L, 0x39e5ef47L, 0x26e8b8f3L, 0x4c1c6212L,
      0x8040f75dL, 0x074b7093L, 0x6625a8d7L, 0x36298945L,
      0x76285088L, 0x651d37c3L, 0x24f5274dL, 0xdbca3dabL,
      0x186b7ee1L, 0xd80f8182L, 0x14210c89L, 0x943a3075L,
      0x4e6e11c4L, 0x4d7e6badL, 0xf05064c8L, 0x025dcd97L,
      0x4bc10302L, 0x7cede572L, 0x8f90a970L, 0xab88eebaL,
      0xb5998029L, 0x5124d839L, 0xb0eeb6a3L, 0x89ddabdcL,
      0xe8074d76L, 0xa1465223L, 0x32518cf2L, 0x9d39d4ebL,
      0xc0d84524L, 0xe35e6ea8L, 0x7abf3804L, 0x113e2348L,
      0x9ae6069dL, 0xb4dfdabbL, 0xa8c5313fL, 0x23ea3f79L,
      0x530e36a2L, 0xa5fd228bL, 0x95d1d350L, 0x2b14cc09L,
      0x40042956L, 0x879d05ccL, 0x2064b9caL, 0xacaca40eL,
      0xb29c846eL, 0x9676c9e3L, 0x752b7b8aL, 0x7be2bcc2L,
      0x6bd58f5eL, 0xd48f4c32L, 0x606835e4L, 0x9cd7c364L,
      0x2c269b7aL, 0x3a0d079cL, 0x73b683feL, 0x45374f1eL,
      0x10afa242L, 0x577f8666L, 0xddaa10f6L, 0xf34f561cL,
      0x3d355d6bL, 0xe47048aeL, 0xaa13c492L, 0x050344fdL,
      0x2aab5151L, 0xf5b26ae5L, 0xed919a59L, 0x5ac67900L,
      0xf1cde380L, 0x0c79a11bL, 0x351533fcL, 0xcd4d8e36L,
      0x1f856005L, 0x690b9fddL, 0xe736dccfL, 0x1d47bf6aL,
      0x7f66c72aL, 0x85f21b7fL, 0x983cbdb6L, 0x01ebbebfL,
      0x035f3b99L, 0xeb111f34L, 0x28cefdc6L, 0x5bfc9ecdL,
      0xf22eacb0L, 0x9e41cbb2L, 0xe0f8327cL, 0x82e3e26fL,
      0xfc43fc86L, 0xd0ba66dfL, 0x489ef2a7L, 0xd9e0c81dL,
      0x68690d52L, 0xcc451367L, 0xc2232e16L, 0xe95a7335L,
      0x0fdae19bL, 0xff5b962cL, 0x97596527L, 0xc46db333L,
      0x3ed4c562L, 0xc14c9d9eL, 0x5d6faa21L, 0x638e940dL,
      0xf9316d58L, 0x47b3b0eaL, 0x30ffcad2L, 0xce1bba7dL,
      0x1e6108e6L, 0x2e1ea33dL, 0x507bf05bL, 0xfafef94bL,
      0xd17de8e2L, 0x5598b214L, 0x1663f813L, 0x17d25a2dL,
      0xeefa5ff9L, 0x582f4e37L, 0x12128773L, 0xfef17ab8L,
      0x06005322L, 0xbb32bbc9L, 0x8c898508L, 0x592c15f0L,
      0xd38a4054L, 0x4957b7d6L, 0xd2b891dbL, 0x37bd2d3eL,
      0x34ad20cbL, 0x622288e9L, 0x2dc7345aL, 0xafb416c0L,
      0x1cf459b1L, 0xdc7739faL, 0x0a711a25L, 0x13e18a0cL,
      0x5f72af4cL, 0x6ac8db11L, 0xbe53c18eL, 0x1aa569b9L,
      0xef551ea4L, 0xa02a429fL, 0xbd16e790L, 0x7eb9171aL,
      0x77d693d8L, 0x8e06993aL, 0x9bde7560L, 0xe5801987L,
      0xc37a09beL, 0xb8db76acL, 0xe2087294L, 0x6c81616dL,
      0xb7f30fe7L, 0xbc9b82bdL, 0xfba4e4d4L, 0xc7b1012fL,
      0xa20c043bL, 0xde9febd0L, 0x2f9297ceL, 0xe610aef8L,
      0x70b06f19L, 0xc86ae00bL, 0x0e01988fL, 0x41192ae0L,
      0x448c1cb5L, 0xadbe92eeL, 0x7293a007L, 0x1b54b5b3L,
      0xd61f63d1L, 0xeae40a74L, 0x61a72b55L, 0xec83a7d5L,
      0x88942806L, 0x90a07da5L, 0xd7424b95L, 0x67745b4eL,
      0xa31a1853L, 0xca6021efL, 0xdfb56c4fL, 0xcbc2d915L,
      0x3c48e918L, 0x8bae3c63L, 0x6f659c71L, 0xf8b754c1L,
      0x2782f3deL, 0xf796f168L, 0x71492c84L, 0x33c0f5a6L,
      0x3144f6ecL, 0x25dc412eL, 0xb16c5743L, 0x83a1fa7eL,
      0x0997b101L, 0xb627e6e8L, 0xcf33905cL, 0x8456fb65L
      /* End   of S Box 8  */
      /* Start of S Box 9  */
      0xb29bea74L, 0xc35da605L, 0x305c1ca3L, 0xd2e9f5bcL,
      0x6fd5bff4L, 0xff347703L, 0xfc45b163L, 0xf498e068L,
      0xb71229fcL, 0x81acc3fbL, 0x78538a8bL, 0x984ecf81L,
      0xa5da47a4L, 0x8f259eefL, 0x6475dc65L, 0x081865b9L,
      0x49e14a3cL, 0x19e66079L, 0xd382e91bL, 0x5b109794L,
      0x3f9f81e1L, 0x4470a388L, 0x41601abeL, 0xaaf9f407L,
      0x8e175ef6L, 0xed842297L, 0x893a4271L, 0x1790839aL,
      0xd566a99eL, 0x6b417deeL, 0x75c90d23L, 0x715edb31L,
      0x723553f7L, 0x9afb50c9L, 0xfbc5f600L, 0xcd3b6a4eL,
      0x97ed0fbaL, 0x29689aecL, 0x63135c8eL, 0xf0e26c7eL,
      0x0692ae7fL, 0xdbb208ffL, 0x2ede3e9bL, 0x6a65bebdL,
      0xd40867e9L, 0xc954afc5L, 0x73b08201L, 0x7ffdf809L,
      0x1195c24fL, 0x1ca5adcaL, 0x74bd6d1fL, 0xb393c455L,
      0xcadfd3faL, 0x99f13011L, 0x0ebca813L, 0x60e791b8L,
      0x6597ac7aL, 0x18a7e46bL, 0x09cb49d3L, 0x0b27df6dL,
      0xcfe52f87L, 0xcef66837L, 0xe6328035L, 0xfa87c592L,
      0x37baff93L, 0xd71fcc99L, 0xdcab205cL, 0x4d7a5638L,
      0x48012510L, 0x62797558L, 0xb6cf1fe5L, 0xbc311834L,
      0x9c2373acL, 0x14ec6175L, 0xa439cbdfL, 0x54afb0eaL,
      0xd686960bL, 0xfdd0d47bL, 0x7b063902L, 0x8b78bac3L,
      0x26c6a4d5L, 0x5c0055b6L, 0x2376102eL, 0x0411783eL,
      0x2aa3f1cdL, 0x51fc6ea8L, 0x701ce243L, 0x9b2a0abbL,
      0x0ad93733L, 0x6e80d03dL, 0xaf6295d1L, 0xf629896fL,
      0xa30b0648L, 0x463d8dd4L, 0x963f84cbL, 0x01ff94f8L,
      0x8d7fefdcL, 0x553611c0L, 0xa97c1719L, 0xb96af759L,
      0xe0e3c95eL, 0x0528335bL, 0x21fe5925L, 0x821a5245L,
      0x807238b1L, 0x67f23db5L, 0xea6b4eabL, 0x0da6f985L,
      0xab1bc85aL, 0xef8c90e4L, 0x4526230eL, 0x38eb8b1cL,
      0x1b91cd91L, 0x9fce5f0cL, 0xf72cc72bL, 0xc64f2617L,
      0xdaf7857dL, 0x7d373cf1L, 0x28eaedd7L, 0x203887d0L,
      0xc49a155fL, 0xa251b3b0L, 0xf2d47ae3L, 0x3d9ef267L,
      0x4a94ab2fL, 0x7755a222L, 0x0205e329L, 0xc28fa7a7L,
      0xaec1fe51L, 0x270f164cL, 0x8c6d01bfL, 0x53b5bc98L,
      0xc09d3febL, 0x834986ccL, 0x4309a12cL, 0x578b2a96L,
      0x3bb74b86L, 0x69561b4aL, 0x037e32f3L, 0xde335b08L,
      0xc5156be0L, 0xe7ef09adL, 0x93b834c7L, 0xa7719352L,
      0x59302821L, 0xe3529d26L, 0xf961da76L, 0xcb142c44L,
      0xa0f3b98dL, 0x76502457L, 0x945a414bL, 0x078eeb12L,
      0xdff8de69L, 0xeb6c8c2dL, 0xbda90c4dL, 0xe9c44d16L,
      0x168dfd66L, 0xad64763bL, 0xa65fd764L, 0x95a29c06L,
      0x32d7713fL, 0x40f0b277L, 0x224af08fL, 0x004cb5e8L,
      0x92574814L, 0x8877d827L, 0x3e5b2d04L, 0x68c2d5f2L,
      0x86966273L, 0x1d433adaL, 0x8774988aL, 0x3c0e0bfeL,
      0xddad581dL, 0x2fd654edL, 0x0f4769fdL, 0xc181ee9dL,
      0x5fd88f61L, 0x341dbb3aL, 0x528543f9L, 0xd92235cfL,
      0x1ea82eb4L, 0xb5cd790fL, 0x91d24f1eL, 0xa869e6c2L,
      0x61f474d2L, 0xcc205addL, 0x0c7bfba9L, 0xbf2b0489L,
      0xb02d72d8L, 0x2b46ece6L, 0xe4dcd90aL, 0xb8a11440L,
      0xee8a63b7L, 0x854dd1a1L, 0xd1e00583L, 0x42b40e24L,
      0x9e8964deL, 0xb4b35d78L, 0xbec76f6eL, 0x24b9c620L,
      0xd8d399a6L, 0x5adb2190L, 0x2db12730L, 0x3a5866afL,
      0x58c8fadbL, 0x5d8844e7L, 0x8a4bf380L, 0x15a01d70L,
      0x79f5c028L, 0x66be3b8cL, 0xf3e42b53L, 0x56990039L,
      0x2c0c3182L, 0x5e16407cL, 0xecc04515L, 0x6c440284L,
      0x4cb6701aL, 0x13bfc142L, 0x9d039f6aL, 0x4f6e92c8L,
      0xa1407c62L, 0x8483a095L, 0xc70ae1c4L, 0xe20213a2L,
      0xbacafc41L, 0x4ecc12b3L, 0x4bee3646L, 0x1fe807aeL,
      0x25217f9cL, 0x35dde5f5L, 0x7a7dd6ceL, 0xf89cce50L,
      0xac07b718L, 0x7e73d2c6L, 0xe563e76cL, 0x123ca536L,
      0x3948ca56L, 0x9019dd49L, 0x10aa88d9L, 0xc82451e2L,
      0x473eb6d6L, 0x506fe854L, 0xe8bb03a5L, 0x332f4c32L,
      0xfe1e1e72L, 0xb1ae572aL, 0x7c0d7bc1L, 0xe1c37eb2L,
      0xf542aa60L, 0xf1a48ea0L, 0xd067b89fL, 0xbbfa195dL,
      0x1a049b0dL, 0x315946aaL, 0x36d1b447L, 0x6d2ebdf0L
      /* End   of S Box 9  */
      /* Start of S Box 10  */
      0x0d188a6dL, 0x12cea0dbL, 0x7e63740eL, 0x6a444821L,
      0x253d234fL, 0x6ffc6597L, 0x94a6bdefL, 0x33ee1b2fL,
      0x0a6c00c0L, 0x3aa336b1L, 0x5af55d17L, 0x265fb3dcL,
      0x0e89cf4dL, 0x0786b008L, 0xc80055b8L, 0x6b17c3ceL,
      0x72b05a74L, 0xd21a8d78L, 0xa6b70840L, 0xfe8eae77L,
      0xed69565cL, 0x55e1bcf4L, 0x585c2f60L, 0xe06f1a62L,
      0xad67c0cdL, 0x7712af88L, 0x9cc26acaL, 0x1888053dL,
      0x37eb853eL, 0x9215abd7L, 0xde30adfcL, 0x1f1038e6L,
      0x70c51c8aL, 0x8d586c26L, 0xf72bdd90L, 0x4dc3ce15L,
      0x68eaeefaL, 0xd0e9c8b9L, 0x200f9c44L, 0xddd141baL,
      0x024bf1d3L, 0x0f64c9d4L, 0xc421e9e9L, 0x9d11c14cL,
      0x9a0dd9e4L, 0x5f92ec19L, 0x1b980df0L, 0x1dcc4542L,
      0xb8fe8c56L, 0x0c9c9167L, 0x4e81eb49L, 0xca368f27L,
      0xe3603b37L, 0xea08acccL, 0xac516992L, 0xc34f513bL,
      0x804d100dL, 0x6edca4c4L, 0xfc912939L, 0x29d219b0L,
      0x278aaa3cL, 0x4868da7dL, 0x54e890b7L, 0xb46d735aL,
      0x514589aaL, 0xd6c630afL, 0x4980dfe8L, 0xbe3ccc55L,
      0x59d41202L, 0x650c078bL, 0xaf3a9e7bL, 0x3ed9827aL,
      0x9e79fc6eL, 0xaadbfbaeL, 0xc5f7d803L, 0x3daf7f50L,
      0x67b4f465L, 0x73406e11L, 0x39313f8cL, 0x8a6e6686L,
      0xd8075f1fL, 0xd3cbfed1L, 0x69c7e49cL, 0x930581e0L,
      0xe4b1a5a8L, 0xbbc45472L, 0x09ddbf58L, 0xc91d687eL,
      0xbdbffda5L, 0x88c08735L, 0xe9e36bf9L, 0xdb5ea9b6L,
      0x95559404L, 0x08f432fbL, 0xe24ea281L, 0x64663579L,
      0x000b8010L, 0x7914e7d5L, 0x32fd0473L, 0xd1a7f0a4L,
      0x445ab98eL, 0xec72993fL, 0xa29a4d32L, 0xb77306d8L,
      0xc7c97cf6L, 0x7b6ab645L, 0xf5ef7adfL, 0xfb2e15f7L,
      0xe747f757L, 0x5e944354L, 0x234a2669L, 0x47e46359L,
      0x9b9d11a9L, 0x40762cedL, 0x56f1de98L, 0x11334668L,
      0x890a9a70L, 0x1a296113L, 0xb3bd4af5L, 0x163b7548L,
      0xd51b4f84L, 0xb99b2abcL, 0x3cc1dc30L, 0xa9f0b56cL,
      0x812272b2L, 0x0b233a5fL, 0xb650dbf2L, 0xf1a0771bL,
      0x36562b76L, 0xdc037b0fL, 0x104c97ffL, 0xc2ec98d2L,
      0x90596f22L, 0x28b6620bL, 0xdf42b212L, 0xfdbc4243L,
      0xf3fb175eL, 0x4a2d8b00L, 0xe8f3869bL, 0x30d69bc3L,
      0x853714c8L, 0xa7751d2eL, 0x31e56deaL, 0xd4840b0cL,
      0x9685d783L, 0x068c9333L, 0x8fba032cL, 0x76d7bb47L,
      0x6d0ee22bL, 0xb546794bL, 0xd971b894L, 0x8b09d253L,
      0xa0ad5761L, 0xee77ba06L, 0x46359f31L, 0x577cc7ecL,
      0x52825efdL, 0xa4beed95L, 0x9825c52aL, 0xeb48029aL,
      0xbaae59f8L, 0xcf490ee1L, 0xbc990164L, 0x8ca49dfeL,
      0x4f38a6e7L, 0x2ba98389L, 0x8228f538L, 0x199f64acL,
      0x01a1cac5L, 0xa8b51641L, 0x5ce72d01L, 0x8e5df26bL,
      0x60f28e1eL, 0xcd5be125L, 0xe5b376bfL, 0x1c8d3116L,
      0x7132cbb3L, 0xcb7ae320L, 0xc0fa5366L, 0xd7653e34L,
      0x971c88c2L, 0xc62c7dd0L, 0x34d0a3daL, 0x868f6709L,
      0x7ae6fa8fL, 0x22bbd523L, 0x66cd3d5bL, 0x1ef9288dL,
      0xf9cf58c1L, 0x5b784e80L, 0x7439a191L, 0xae134c36L,
      0x9116c463L, 0x2e9e1396L, 0xf8611f3aL, 0x2d2f3307L,
      0x247f37ddL, 0xc1e2ff9dL, 0x43c821e5L, 0x05ed5cabL,
      0xef74e80aL, 0x4cca6028L, 0xf0ac3cbdL, 0x5d874b29L,
      0x6c62f6a6L, 0x4b2a2ef3L, 0xb1aa2087L, 0x62a5d0a3L,
      0x0327221cL, 0xb096b4c6L, 0x417ec693L, 0xaba840d6L,
      0x789725ebL, 0xf4b9e02dL, 0xe6e00975L, 0xcc04961aL,
      0x63f624bbL, 0x7fa21ecbL, 0x2c01ea7fL, 0xb2415005L,
      0x2a8bbeb5L, 0x83b2b14eL, 0xa383d1a7L, 0x5352f96aL,
      0x043ecdadL, 0xce1918a1L, 0xfa6be6c9L, 0x50def36fL,
      0xf6b80ce2L, 0x4543ef7cL, 0x9953d651L, 0xf257955dL,
      0x87244914L, 0xda1e0a24L, 0xffda4785L, 0x14d327a2L,
      0x3b93c29fL, 0x840684b4L, 0x61ab71a0L, 0x9f7b784aL,
      0x2fd570cfL, 0x15955bdeL, 0x38f8d471L, 0x3534a718L,
      0x133fb71dL, 0x3fd80f52L, 0x4290a8beL, 0x75ff44c7L,
      0xa554e546L, 0xe1023499L, 0xbf2652e3L, 0x7d20399eL,
      0xa1df7e82L, 0x177092eeL, 0x217dd3f1L, 0x7c1ff8d9L
      /* End   of S Box 10  */
      /* Start of S Box 11  */
      0x12113f2eL, 0xbfbd0785L, 0xf11793fbL, 0xa5bff566L,
      0x83c7b0e5L, 0x72fb316bL, 0x75526a9aL, 0x41e0e612L,
      0x7156ba09L, 0x53ce7deeL, 0x0aa26881L, 0xa43e0d7dL,
      0x3da73ca3L, 0x182761edL, 0xbd5077ffL, 0x56db4aa0L,
      0xe792711cL, 0xf0a4eb1dL, 0x7f878237L, 0xec65c4e8L,
      0x08dc8d43L, 0x0f8ce142L, 0x8258abdaL, 0xf4154e16L,
      0x49dec2fdL, 0xcd8d5705L, 0x6c2c3a0fL, 0x5c12bb88L,
      0xeff3cdb6L, 0x2c89ed8cL, 0x7beba967L, 0x2a142157L,
      0xc6d0836fL, 0xb4f97e96L, 0x6931e969L, 0x514e6c7cL,
      0xa7792600L, 0x0bbbf780L, 0x59671bbdL, 0x0707b676L,
      0x37482d93L, 0x80af1479L, 0x3805a60dL, 0xe1f4cac1L,
      0x580b3074L, 0x30b8d6ceL, 0x05a304beL, 0xd176626dL,
      0xebca97f3L, 0xbb201f11L, 0x6a1afe23L, 0xffaa86e4L,
      0x62b4da49L, 0x1b6629f5L, 0xf5d9e092L, 0xf37f3dd1L,
      0x619bd45bL, 0xa6ec8e4fL, 0x29c80939L, 0x0c7c0c34L,
      0x9cfe6e48L, 0xe65fd3acL, 0x73613b65L, 0xb3c669f9L,
      0xbe2e8a9eL, 0x286f9678L, 0x5797fd13L, 0x99805d75L,
      0xcfb641c5L, 0xa91074baL, 0x6343af47L, 0x6403cb46L,
      0x8894c8dbL, 0x2663034cL, 0x3c40dc5eL, 0x00995231L,
      0x96789aa2L, 0x2efde4b9L, 0x7dc195e1L, 0x547dadd5L,
      0x06a8ea04L, 0xf2347a63L, 0x5e0dc6f7L, 0x8462dfc2L,
      0x1e6b2c3cL, 0x9bd275b3L, 0x91d419e2L, 0xbcefd17eL,
      0xb9003924L, 0xd07e7320L, 0xdef0495cL, 0xc36ad00eL,
      0x1785b1abL, 0x92e20bcfL, 0xb139f0e9L, 0x675bb9a1L,
      0xaecfa4afL, 0x132376cbL, 0xe84589d3L, 0x79a05456L,
      0xa2f860bcL, 0x1ae4f8b5L, 0x20df4db4L, 0xa1e1428bL,
      0x3bf60a1aL, 0x27ff7bf1L, 0xcb44c0e7L, 0xf7f587c4L,
      0x1f3b9b21L, 0x94368f01L, 0x856e23a4L, 0x6f93de3fL,
      0x773f5bbfL, 0x8b22056eL, 0xdf41f654L, 0xb8246ff4L,
      0x8d57bff2L, 0xd57167eaL, 0xc5699f22L, 0x40734ba7L,
      0x5d5c2772L, 0x033020a8L, 0xe30a7c4dL, 0xadc40fd6L,
      0x76353441L, 0x5aa5229bL, 0x81516590L, 0xda49f14eL,
      0x4fa672a5L, 0x4d9fac5fL, 0x154be230L, 0x8a7a5cc0L,
      0xce3d2f84L, 0xcca15514L, 0x5221360cL, 0xaf0fb81eL,
      0x5bdd5873L, 0xf6825f8fL, 0x1113d228L, 0x70ad996cL,
      0x93320051L, 0x60471c53L, 0xe9ba567bL, 0x3a462ae3L,
      0x5f55e72dL, 0x1d3c5ad7L, 0xdcfc45ecL, 0x34d812efL,
      0xfa96ee1bL, 0x369d1ef8L, 0xc9b1a189L, 0x7c1d3555L,
      0x50845edcL, 0x4bb31877L, 0x8764a060L, 0x8c9a9415L,
      0x230e1a3aL, 0xb05e9133L, 0x242b9e03L, 0xa3b99db7L,
      0xc2d7fb0aL, 0x3333849dL, 0xd27278d4L, 0xb5d3efa6L,
      0x78ac28adL, 0xc7b2c135L, 0x0926ecf0L, 0xc1374c91L,
      0x74f16d98L, 0x2274084aL, 0x3f6d9cfaL, 0x7ac0a383L,
      0xb73aff1fL, 0x3909a23dL, 0x9f1653aeL, 0x4e2f3e71L,
      0xca5ab22aL, 0xe01e3858L, 0x90c5a7ebL, 0x3e4a17dfL,
      0xaa987fb0L, 0x488bbd62L, 0xb625062bL, 0x2d776bb8L,
      0x43b5fc08L, 0x1490d532L, 0xd6d12495L, 0x44e89845L,
      0x2fe60118L, 0x9d9ef950L, 0xac38133eL, 0xd3864329L,
      0x017b255aL, 0xfdc2dd26L, 0x256851e6L, 0x318e7086L,
      0x2bfa4861L, 0x89eac706L, 0xee5940c6L, 0x68c3bc2fL,
      0xe260334bL, 0x98da90bbL, 0xf818f270L, 0x4706d897L,
      0x212d3799L, 0x4cf7e5d0L, 0xd9c9649fL, 0xa85db5cdL,
      0x35e90e82L, 0x6b881152L, 0xab1c02c7L, 0x46752b02L,
      0x664f598eL, 0x45ab2e64L, 0xc4cdb4b2L, 0xba42107fL,
      0xea2a808aL, 0x971bf3deL, 0x4a54a836L, 0x4253aeccL,
      0x1029be68L, 0x6dcc9225L, 0xe4bca56aL, 0xc0ae50b1L,
      0x7e011d94L, 0xe59c162cL, 0xd8e5c340L, 0xd470fa0bL,
      0xb2be79ddL, 0xd783889cL, 0x1cede8f6L, 0x8f4c817aL,
      0xddb785c9L, 0x860232d8L, 0x198aaad9L, 0xa0814738L,
      0x3219cffcL, 0x169546d2L, 0xfc0cb759L, 0x55911510L,
      0x04d5cec3L, 0xed08cc3bL, 0x0d6cf427L, 0xc8e38ccaL,
      0x0eeee3feL, 0x9ee7d7c8L, 0xf9f24fa9L, 0xdb04b35dL,
      0x9ab0c9e0L, 0x651f4417L, 0x028f8b07L, 0x6e28d9aaL,
      0xfba96319L, 0x8ed66687L, 0xfecbc58dL, 0x954ddb44L
      /* End   of S Box 11  */
      /* Start of S Box 12  */
      0x7b0bdffeL, 0x865d16b1L, 0x49a058c0L, 0x97abaa3fL,
      0xcaacc75dL, 0xaba6c17dL, 0xf8746f92L, 0x6f48aeedL,
      0x8841d4b5L, 0xf36a146aL, 0x73c390abL, 0xe6fb558fL,
      0x87b1019eL, 0x26970252L, 0x246377b2L, 0xcbf676aeL,
      0xf923db06L, 0xf7389116L, 0x14c81a90L, 0x83114eb4L,
      0x8b137559L, 0x95a86a7aL, 0xd5b8da8cL, 0xc4df780eL,
      0x5a9cb3e2L, 0xe44d4062L, 0xe8dc8ef6L, 0x9d180845L,
      0x817ad18bL, 0xc286c85bL, 0x251f20deL, 0xee6d5933L,
      0xf6edef81L, 0xd4d16c1eL, 0xc94a0c32L, 0x8437fd22L,
      0x3271ee43L, 0x42572aeeL, 0x5f91962aL, 0x1c522d98L,
      0x59b23f0cL, 0xd86b8804L, 0x08c63531L, 0x2c0d7a40L,
      0xb97c4729L, 0x04964df9L, 0x13c74a17L, 0x5878362fL,
      0x4c808cd6L, 0x092cb1e0L, 0x6df02885L, 0xa0c2105eL,
      0x8aba9e68L, 0x64e03057L, 0xe5d61325L, 0x0e43a628L,
      0x16dbd62bL, 0x2733d90bL, 0x3ae57283L, 0xc0c1052cL,
      0x4b6fb620L, 0x37513953L, 0xfc898bb3L, 0x471b179fL,
      0xdf6e66b8L, 0xd32142f5L, 0x9b30fafcL, 0x4ed92549L,
      0x105c6d99L, 0x4acd69ffL, 0x2b1a27d3L, 0x6bfcc067L,
      0x6301a278L, 0xad36e6f2L, 0xef3ff64eL, 0x56b3cadbL,
      0x0184bb61L, 0x17beb9fdL, 0xfaec6109L, 0xa2e1ffa1L,
      0x2fd224f8L, 0x238f5be6L, 0x8f8570cfL, 0xaeb5f25aL,
      0x4f1d3e64L, 0x4377eb24L, 0x1fa45346L, 0xb2056386L,
      0x52095e76L, 0xbb7b5adcL, 0x3514e472L, 0xdde81e6eL,
      0x7acea9c4L, 0xac15cc48L, 0x71c97d93L, 0x767f941cL,
      0x911052a2L, 0xffea09bfL, 0xfe3ddcf0L, 0x15ebf3aaL,
      0x9235b8bcL, 0x75408615L, 0x9a723437L, 0xe1a1bd38L,
      0x33541b7eL, 0x1bdd6856L, 0xb307e13eL, 0x90814bb0L,
      0x51d7217bL, 0x0bb92219L, 0x689f4500L, 0xc568b01fL,
      0x5df3d2d7L, 0x3c0ecd0dL, 0x2a0244c8L, 0x852574e8L,
      0xe72f23a9L, 0x8e26ed02L, 0x2d92cbddL, 0xdabc0458L,
      0xcdf5feb6L, 0x9e4e8dccL, 0xf4f1e344L, 0x0d8c436dL,
      0x4427603bL, 0xbdd37fdaL, 0x80505f26L, 0x8c7d2b8eL,
      0xb73273c5L, 0x397362eaL, 0x618a3811L, 0x608bfb88L,
      0x06f7d714L, 0x212e4677L, 0x28efceadL, 0x076c0371L,
      0x36a3a4d9L, 0x5487b455L, 0x3429a365L, 0x65d467acL,
      0x78ee7eebL, 0x99bf12b7L, 0x4d129896L, 0x772a5601L,
      0xcce284c7L, 0x2ed85c21L, 0xd099e8a4L, 0xa179158aL,
      0x6ac0ab1aL, 0x299a4807L, 0xbe67a58dL, 0xdc19544aL,
      0xb8949b54L, 0x8d315779L, 0xb6f849c1L, 0x53c5ac34L,
      0x66de92a5L, 0xf195dd13L, 0x318d3a73L, 0x301ec542L,
      0x0cc40da6L, 0xf253ade4L, 0x467ee566L, 0xea5585ecL,
      0x3baf19bbL, 0x7de9f480L, 0x79006e7cL, 0xa9b7a197L,
      0xa44bd8f1L, 0xfb2ba739L, 0xec342fd4L, 0xed4fd32dL,
      0x3d1789baL, 0x400f5d7fL, 0xc798f594L, 0x4506a847L,
      0x034c0a95L, 0xe2162c9dL, 0x55a9cfd0L, 0x692d832eL,
      0xcf9db2caL, 0x5e2287e9L, 0xd2610ef3L, 0x1ae7ecc2L,
      0x48399ca0L, 0xa7e4269bL, 0x6ee3a0afL, 0x7065bfe1L,
      0xa6ffe708L, 0x2256804cL, 0x7476e21bL, 0x41b0796cL,
      0x7c243b05L, 0x000a950fL, 0x1858416bL, 0xf5a53c89L,
      0xe9fef823L, 0x3f443275L, 0xe0cbf091L, 0x0af27b84L,
      0x3ebb0f27L, 0x1de6f7f4L, 0xc31c29f7L, 0xb166de3dL,
      0x12932ec3L, 0x9c0c0674L, 0x5cda81b9L, 0xd1bd9d12L,
      0xaffd7c82L, 0x8962bca7L, 0xa342c4a8L, 0x62457151L,
      0x82089f03L, 0xeb49c670L, 0x5b5f6530L, 0x7e28bad2L,
      0x20880ba3L, 0xf0faafcdL, 0xce82b56fL, 0x0275335cL,
      0xc18e8afbL, 0xde601d69L, 0xba9b820aL, 0xc8a2be4fL,
      0xd7cac335L, 0xd9a73741L, 0x115e974dL, 0x7f5ac21dL,
      0x383bf9c6L, 0xbcaeb75fL, 0xfd0350ceL, 0xb5d06b87L,
      0x9820e03cL, 0x72d5f163L, 0xe3644fc9L, 0xa5464c4bL,
      0x57048fcbL, 0x9690c9dfL, 0xdbf9eafaL, 0xbff4649aL,
      0x053c00e3L, 0xb4b61136L, 0x67593dd1L, 0x503ee960L,
      0x9fb4993aL, 0x19831810L, 0xc670d518L, 0xb05b51d8L,
      0x0f3a1ce5L, 0x6caa1f9cL, 0xaacc31beL, 0x949ed050L,
      0x1ead07e7L, 0xa8479abdL, 0xd6cffcd5L, 0x936993efL
      /* End   of S Box 12  */
      /* Start of S Box 13  */
      0x472e91cbL, 0x5444b5b6L, 0x62be5861L, 0x1be102c7L,
      0x63e4b31eL, 0xe81f71b7L, 0x9e2317c9L, 0x39a408aeL,
      0x518024f4L, 0x1731c66fL, 0x68cbc918L, 0x71fb0c9eL,
      0xd03b7fddL, 0x7d6222ebL, 0x9057eda3L, 0x1a34a407L,
      0x8cc2253dL, 0xb6f6979dL, 0x835675dcL, 0xf319be9fL,
      0xbe1cd743L, 0x4d32fee4L, 0x77e7d887L, 0x37e9ebfdL,
      0x15f851e8L, 0x23dc3706L, 0x19d78385L, 0xbd506933L,
      0xa13ad4a6L, 0x913f1a0eL, 0xdde560b9L, 0x9a5f0996L,
      0xa65a0435L, 0x48d34c4dL, 0xe90839a7L, 0x8abba54eL,
      0x6fd13ce1L, 0xc7eebd3cL, 0x0e297602L, 0x58b9bbb4L,
      0xef7901e6L, 0x64a28a62L, 0xa509875aL, 0xf8834442L,
      0x2702c709L, 0x07353f31L, 0x3b39f665L, 0xf5b18b49L,
      0x4010ae37L, 0x784de00bL, 0x7a1121e9L, 0xde918ed3L,
      0xc8529dcdL, 0x816a5d05L, 0x02ed8298L, 0x04e3dd84L,
      0xfd2bc3e2L, 0xaf167089L, 0x96af367eL, 0xa4da6232L,
      0x18ff7325L, 0x05f9a9f1L, 0x4fefb9f9L, 0xcd94eaa5L,
      0xbfaa5069L, 0xa0b8c077L, 0x60d86f57L, 0xfe71c813L,
      0x29ebd2c8L, 0x4ca86538L, 0x6bf1a030L, 0xa237b88aL,
      0xaa8af41dL, 0xe1f7b6ecL, 0xe214d953L, 0x33057879L,
      0x49caa736L, 0xfa45cff3L, 0xc063b411L, 0xba7e27d0L,
      0x31533819L, 0x2a004ac1L, 0x210efc3fL, 0x2646885eL,
      0x66727dcfL, 0x9d7fbf54L, 0xa8dd0ea8L, 0x3447caceL,
      0x3f0c14dbL, 0xb8382aacL, 0x4ace3539L, 0x0a518d51L,
      0x95178981L, 0x35aee2caL, 0x73f0f7e3L, 0x94281140L,
      0x59d0e523L, 0xd292cb88L, 0x565d1b27L, 0x7ec8fbafL,
      0x069af08dL, 0xc127fd24L, 0x0bc77b10L, 0x5f03e7efL,
      0x453e99baL, 0xeed9ff7fL, 0x87b55215L, 0x7915ab4cL,
      0xd389a358L, 0x5e75ce6dL, 0x28d655c0L, 0xdad26c73L,
      0x2e2510ffL, 0x9fa7eeccL, 0x1d0629c3L, 0xdc9c9c46L,
      0x2d67ecd7L, 0xe75e94bdL, 0x3d649e2aL, 0x6c413a2bL,
      0x706f0d7cL, 0xdfb0127bL, 0x4e366b55L, 0x2c825650L,
      0x24205720L, 0xb5c998f7L, 0x3e95462cL, 0x756e5c72L,
      0x3259488fL, 0x11e8771aL, 0xa7c0a617L, 0x577663e5L,
      0x089b6401L, 0x8eab1941L, 0xae55ef8cL, 0x3aac5460L,
      0xd4e6262fL, 0x5d979a47L, 0xb19823b0L, 0x7f8d6a0cL,
      0xffa08683L, 0x0170cd0fL, 0x858cd5d8L, 0x53961c90L,
      0xc4c61556L, 0x41f2f226L, 0xcfcd062dL, 0xf24c03b8L,
      0xea81df5bL, 0x7be2fa52L, 0xb361f98bL, 0xc2901316L,
      0x55ba4bbcL, 0x93b234a9L, 0x0fbc6603L, 0x80a96822L,
      0x6d60491fL, 0x22bd00f8L, 0xbcad5aadL, 0x52f3f13bL,
      0x42fd2b28L, 0xb41dd01cL, 0xc52c93bfL, 0xfc663094L,
      0x8f58d100L, 0x43fecc08L, 0xc6331e5dL, 0xe6480f66L,
      0xca847204L, 0x4bdf1da0L, 0x30cc2efbL, 0x13e02deaL,
      0xfb49ac45L, 0xf9d4434fL, 0xf47c5b9cL, 0x148879c2L,
      0x039fc234L, 0xa3db9bfcL, 0xd1a1dc5cL, 0x763d7cd4L,
      0xed6d2f93L, 0xab13af6eL, 0x1e8e054aL, 0xd68f4f9aL,
      0xc30484b3L, 0xd7d50afaL, 0x6930855fL, 0xcc07db95L,
      0xce746db1L, 0x744e967dL, 0xf16cf575L, 0x8643e8b5L,
      0xf0eae38eL, 0xe52de1d1L, 0x6587dae0L, 0x0c4b8121L,
      0x1c7ac567L, 0xac0db20aL, 0x36c3a812L, 0x5b1a4514L,
      0xa9a3f868L, 0xb9263baaL, 0xcb3ce9d2L, 0xe44fb1a4L,
      0x9221bc82L, 0xb29390feL, 0x6ab41863L, 0x974a3e2eL,
      0x89f531c5L, 0x255ca13eL, 0x8b65d348L, 0xec248f78L,
      0xd8fc16f0L, 0x50ecdeeeL, 0x09010792L, 0x3c7d1fb2L,
      0xeba5426bL, 0x847b417aL, 0x468b40d9L, 0x8dc4e680L,
      0x7cc1f391L, 0x2f1eb086L, 0x6e5baa6aL, 0xe0b395daL,
      0xe31b2cf6L, 0xd9690b0dL, 0x729ec464L, 0x38403ddeL,
      0x610b80a2L, 0x5cf433abL, 0xb0785fc4L, 0xd512e4c6L,
      0xbbb7d699L, 0x5a86591bL, 0x10cf5376L, 0x12bf9f4bL,
      0x980fbaa1L, 0x992a4e70L, 0x20fa7ae7L, 0xf7996ebbL,
      0xc918a2beL, 0x82de74f2L, 0xad54209bL, 0xf66b4d74L,
      0x1fc5b771L, 0x169d9229L, 0x887761dfL, 0x00b667d5L,
      0xdb425e59L, 0xb72f2844L, 0x9b0ac1f5L, 0x9c737e3aL,
      0x2b85476cL, 0x6722add6L, 0x44a63297L, 0x0d688cedL
      /* End   of S Box 13  */
      /* Start of S Box 14  */
      0xabc59484L, 0x4107778aL, 0x8ad94c6fL, 0xfe83df90L,
      0x0f64053fL, 0xd1292e9dL, 0xc5744356L, 0x8dd1abb4L,
      0x4c4e7667L, 0xfb4a7fc1L, 0x74f402cbL, 0x70f06afdL,
      0xa82286f2L, 0x918dd076L, 0x7a97c5ceL, 0x48f7bde3L,
      0x6a04d11dL, 0xac243ef7L, 0x33ac10caL, 0x2f7a341eL,
      0x5f75157aL, 0xf4773381L, 0x591c870eL, 0x78df8cc8L,
      0x22f3adb0L, 0x251a5993L, 0x09fbef66L, 0x796942a8L,
      0x97541d2eL, 0x2373daa9L, 0x1bd2f142L, 0xb57e8eb2L,
      0xe1a5bfdbL, 0x7d0efa92L, 0xb3442c94L, 0xd2cb6447L,
      0x386ac97eL, 0x66d61805L, 0xbdada15eL, 0x11bc1aa7L,
      0x14e9f6eaL, 0xe533a0c0L, 0xf935ee0aL, 0x8fee8a04L,
      0x810d6d85L, 0x7c68b6d6L, 0x4edc9aa2L, 0x956e897dL,
      0xed87581aL, 0x264be9d7L, 0xff4ddb29L, 0x823857c2L,
      0xe005a9a0L, 0xf1cc2450L, 0x6f9951e1L, 0xaade2310L,
      0xe70c75f5L, 0x83e1a31fL, 0x4f7dde8eL, 0xf723b563L,
      0x368e0928L, 0x86362b71L, 0x21e8982dL, 0xdfb3f92bL,
      0x44676352L, 0x99efba31L, 0x2eab4e1cL, 0xfc6ca5e7L,
      0x0ebe5d4eL, 0xa0717d0cL, 0xb64f8199L, 0x946b31a1L,
      0x5656cbc6L, 0xcffec3efL, 0x622766c9L, 0xfa211e35L,
      0x52f98b89L, 0x6d01674bL, 0x4978a802L, 0xf651f701L,
      0x15b0d43dL, 0xd6ff4683L, 0x3463855fL, 0x672ba29cL,
      0xbc128312L, 0x4626a70dL, 0xc8927a5aL, 0xb8481cf9L,
      0x1c962262L, 0xa21196baL, 0xbaba5ee9L, 0x5bb162d0L,
      0x69943bd1L, 0x0c47e35cL, 0x8cc9619aL, 0xe284d948L,
      0x271bf264L, 0xc27fb398L, 0x4bc70897L, 0x60cf202cL,
      0x7f42d6aaL, 0xa5a13506L, 0x5d3e8860L, 0xcea63d3cL,
      0x63bf0a8fL, 0xf02e9efaL, 0xb17b0674L, 0xb072b1d3L,
      0x06e5723bL, 0x3737e436L, 0x24aa49c7L, 0x0ded0d18L,
      0xdb256b14L, 0x58b27877L, 0xecb49f54L, 0x6c40256aL,
      0x6ea92ffbL, 0x3906aa4cL, 0xc9866fd5L, 0x4549323eL,
      0xa7b85fabL, 0x1918cc27L, 0x7308d7b5L, 0x1e16c7adL,
      0x71850b37L, 0x3095fd78L, 0xa63b70e6L, 0xd880e2aeL,
      0x3e282769L, 0xa39ba6bcL, 0x98700fa3L, 0xf34c53e8L,
      0x288af426L, 0xb99d930fL, 0xf5b99df1L, 0xe9d0c8cfL,
      0x5ac8405dL, 0x50e7217bL, 0x511fbbbeL, 0x2ca2e639L,
      0xc020301bL, 0x356dbc00L, 0x8e43ddb9L, 0x4d327b4aL,
      0xf20ff3edL, 0x1dbb29bdL, 0x43d44779L, 0xa1b68f70L,
      0x6114455bL, 0xe63d280bL, 0x6bf6ff65L, 0x10fc39e5L,
      0x3dae126eL, 0xc1d7cf11L, 0xcb60b795L, 0x1789d5b3L,
      0x9bca36b7L, 0x08306075L, 0x84615608L, 0x8b3a0186L,
      0xe88fbecdL, 0x7ba47c4dL, 0x2de44dacL, 0x653fe58dL,
      0xcca0b968L, 0xd7fa0e72L, 0x93901780L, 0x1f2c26ccL,
      0xae595b6bL, 0xa9ecea9bL, 0xe3dbf8c4L, 0x319cc130L,
      0x12981196L, 0x01a3a4deL, 0x32c454b6L, 0x755bd817L,
      0x3cd871e4L, 0xa48bb8daL, 0x02fdec09L, 0xfd2dc2e2L,
      0x9e578088L, 0x9a9f916dL, 0x4065fe6cL, 0x1853999eL,
      0xc7793f23L, 0xdc1016bbL, 0x969355ffL, 0x7ef292f6L,
      0xcdce4adcL, 0x05e24416L, 0x85c16c46L, 0xd441d37fL,
      0x57bd6855L, 0x8746f54fL, 0x9ca773dfL, 0x770bae22L,
      0x54828413L, 0xb75e4b19L, 0x04c35c03L, 0xbf7cca07L,
      0x2955c4ddL, 0x721db041L, 0xb2394f33L, 0x03f51387L,
      0x89b73c9fL, 0x0b1737f3L, 0x07e69024L, 0x9231d245L,
      0x76193861L, 0x88159c15L, 0xdeb552d9L, 0xd9767e40L,
      0x20c6c0c3L, 0x4281977cL, 0xf8afe1e0L, 0xd32a0751L,
      0x3fc27432L, 0xddf1dcc5L, 0x68581f34L, 0x3bcd5025L,
      0x0091b2eeL, 0x4aeb6944L, 0x1602e743L, 0xea09eb58L,
      0xef0a2a8bL, 0x641e03a5L, 0xeb50e021L, 0x5c8ccef8L,
      0x802ff0b8L, 0xd5e3edfeL, 0xc4dd1b49L, 0x5334cd2aL,
      0x13f82d2fL, 0x47450c20L, 0x55dafbd2L, 0xbec0c6f4L,
      0xb45d7959L, 0x3ad36e8cL, 0x0aa8ac57L, 0x1a3c8d73L,
      0xe45aafb1L, 0x9f664838L, 0xc6880053L, 0xd0039bbfL,
      0xee5f19ebL, 0xca0041d8L, 0xbbea3aafL, 0xda628291L,
      0x9d5c95d4L, 0xadd504a6L, 0xc39ab482L, 0x5e9e14a4L,
      0x2be065f0L, 0x2a13fc3aL, 0x9052e8ecL, 0xaf6f5afcL
      /* End   of S Box 14  */
      /* Start of S Box 15  */
      0x519aa8b5L, 0xbb303da9L, 0xe00e2b10L, 0xdfa6c1dbL,
      0x2e6b952eL, 0xee10dc23L, 0x37936d09L, 0x1fc42e92L,
      0x39b25a9fL, 0x13ff89f4L, 0xc8f53feaL, 0x18500bc7L,
      0x95a0379dL, 0x98f751c2L, 0x2289c42fL, 0xa21e4098L,
      0x6f391f41L, 0xf27e7e58L, 0x0d0df887L, 0x4b79d540L,
      0x8e8409aaL, 0x71fe46f8L, 0x688a9b29L, 0x3f08b548L,
      0x84abe03aL, 0x5e91b6c1L, 0xfde4c2aeL, 0x251d0e72L,
      0x92d4fee5L, 0xf9371967L, 0x9175108fL, 0xe6e81835L,
      0x8c8cb8eeL, 0xb55a67b3L, 0xcef138ccL, 0x8b256268L,
      0x00d815f5L, 0xe8810812L, 0x77826189L, 0xea73267dL,
      0x19b90f8dL, 0x45c33bb4L, 0x82477056L, 0xe1770075L,
      0x09467aa6L, 0xa7c6f54aL, 0x79768742L, 0x61b86bcaL,
      0xd6644a44L, 0xe33f0171L, 0xc229fbcdL, 0x41b08febL,
      0xd1903e30L, 0x65ec9080L, 0x563d6fbdL, 0xf56da488L,
      0xebf64cd8L, 0x4934426bL, 0x7c8592fcL, 0x6aca8cf2L,
      0x1cea111bL, 0x3a57ee7aL, 0xace11c0dL, 0x9942d85eL,
      0xc4613407L, 0xfa8e643bL, 0x327fc701L, 0x4ca9be82L,
      0x3352526dL, 0x2c047f63L, 0xf3a8f7ddL, 0x1a4a98a8L,
      0x762ed4d1L, 0x27c75008L, 0xbdf497c0L, 0x7a7b84dfL,
      0x315c28abL, 0x801f93e3L, 0xf19b0ca1L, 0x8f14e46aL,
      0xe48ba333L, 0x9605e625L, 0xf03ecb60L, 0x60385f2dL,
      0x902845baL, 0x7f96d66fL, 0x24bff05cL, 0x2820730bL,
      0x947133cbL, 0xd444828aL, 0xb343f6f1L, 0x0bef4705L,
      0x8da574f9L, 0x01e25d6cL, 0x1732793eL, 0x4f0f7b27L,
      0x364b7117L, 0xb2d1da77L, 0xa6c5f1e9L, 0x574ca5b1L,
      0x386a3076L, 0xad6894d6L, 0x1156d7faL, 0xa48d1d9aL,
      0x4794c0afL, 0x150c0aa0L, 0x26d348acL, 0x29fdeabeL,
      0xa5dede53L, 0x81671e8eL, 0x594ee3bfL, 0xa96c56e6L,
      0x3426a726L, 0xc5976579L, 0xbc22e5e4L, 0xc1006319L,
      0xdaafdd2aL, 0xa1a1aa83L, 0x3badd0e7L, 0xc3b14981L,
      0xd770b155L, 0xccd7c693L, 0x42e944c5L, 0x03e0064fL,
      0xca95b4efL, 0x3dee81c3L, 0xfbbcd98cL, 0x1e07e15bL,
      0x667ce949L, 0xe7d6773fL, 0x21b6124bL, 0x6b2a6ef7L,
      0xd3278a9cL, 0x9a988304L, 0x75d2ae9bL, 0xfe49e2ffL,
      0x9bc24f46L, 0x74cc2cf6L, 0xa3139f36L, 0x6c9ef35aL,
      0x9fc1dffeL, 0x9e5facdcL, 0xaadc8bbbL, 0x5abdbc5fL,
      0x44b3b390L, 0xf754efa7L, 0x5fe3bdb7L, 0x4e59c886L,
      0x06a4c984L, 0xa0338878L, 0xcd513cd7L, 0x63ebd27eL,
      0x8aba80adL, 0x50da144eL, 0x5d9f4e97L, 0x025b751cL,
      0x2d580200L, 0xb6c05837L, 0x580aa15dL, 0x54022a6eL,
      0xb41a5415L, 0x4863fab6L, 0xb0b79957L, 0x46d0d159L,
      0xdc2b8650L, 0x20a7bb0cL, 0x4a032974L, 0xec8636a2L,
      0x8548f24cL, 0xf6a2bf16L, 0x1088f4b0L, 0x0c2f3a94L,
      0x525dc396L, 0x14065785L, 0x2b4dca52L, 0x08aeed39L,
      0xabedfc99L, 0xb1dbcf18L, 0x87f85bbcL, 0xae3aff61L,
      0x433ccd70L, 0x5b23cc64L, 0x7b453213L, 0x5355c545L,
      0x9318ec0aL, 0x78692d31L, 0x0a21693dL, 0xd5666814L,
      0x05fb59d9L, 0xc71985b2L, 0x2abb8e0eL, 0xcf6e6c91L,
      0xd9cfe7c6L, 0xefe7132cL, 0x9711ab28L, 0x3ce52732L,
      0x12d516d2L, 0x7209a0d0L, 0xd278d306L, 0x70fa4b7bL,
      0x1d407dd3L, 0xdb0beba4L, 0xbfd97621L, 0xa8be21e1L,
      0x1b6f1b66L, 0x30650ddaL, 0xba7ddbb9L, 0x7df953fbL,
      0x9d1c3902L, 0xedf0e8d5L, 0xb8741ae0L, 0x0f240565L,
      0x62cd438bL, 0xc616a924L, 0xaf7a96a3L, 0x35365538L,
      0xe583af4dL, 0x73415eb8L, 0x23176a47L, 0xfc9ccee8L,
      0x7efc9de2L, 0x695e03cfL, 0xf8ce66d4L, 0x88b4781dL,
      0x67dd9c03L, 0x3e8f9e73L, 0xc0c95c51L, 0xbe314d22L,
      0x55aa0795L, 0xcb1bb011L, 0xe980fdc8L, 0x9c62b7ceL,
      0xde2d239eL, 0x042cadf3L, 0xffdf04deL, 0x5ce6a60fL,
      0xd8c831edL, 0xb7b5b9ecL, 0xb9cbf962L, 0xe253b254L,
      0x0735ba1fL, 0x16ac917fL, 0xdd607c2bL, 0x64a335c4L,
      0x40159a7cL, 0x869222f0L, 0x6ef21769L, 0x839d20a5L,
      0xd03b24c9L, 0xf412601eL, 0x6d72a243L, 0x0e018dfdL,
      0x89f3721aL, 0xc94f4134L, 0x2f992f20L, 0x4d87253cL
      /* End   of S Box 15  */

 * Note that the 32-bit word specified by snefru512_rotated[i][j][k]
 * is rotated right by i*8 bits.

static SBOX snefru512_rotated[4][SBOXCOUNT];

static void
    int               index;
    int               rotation;
    int               i;
    static int        havesetuphash;

    if (havesetuphash)
    for (index = 0; index < SBOXCOUNT; index++)
      for (rotation = 0; rotation < 4; rotation++)
          for (i = 0; i < 256; i++)
                  snefru512_rotated[rotation][index][i] =
                  ((uint32)snefru512_sboxes[index][i] >> (rotation * 8))
                      snefru512_sboxes[index][i] << (32 - rotation * 8)
    havesetuphash = 1;

 * This routine is a specialized version of HashN.  It is optimized for
 * speed, and assumes that the input is always 16 words long:  it hashes
 * 512 bits, hence its name.  You need not try to figure out this routine
 * unless you wish to figure out a fast implementation of Snefru.

static void
snefru512(snefru512_word output[OUTPUTBLOCKSIZE], snefru512_word input[],
    int level)
    snefru512_word  Z;
    snefru512_word  *SBox0;
    snefru512_word  *SBox1;
    snefru512_word  B00, B01, B02, B03;
    snefru512_word  B04, B05, B06, B07;
    snefru512_word  B08, B09, B10, B11;
    snefru512_word  B12, B13, B14, B15;
    int               index;

     * Initialize the block to be encrypted from the input.  In theory
     * block<i> should be kept in register.  Not all compilers can do
     * this, even when there are enough registers -- this will degrade
     * performance significantly.
    B00 = input[0];
    B01 = input[1];
    B02 = input[2];
    B03 = input[3];
    B04 = input[4];
    B05 = input[5];
    B06 = input[6];
    B07 = input[7];
    B08 = input[8];
    B09 = input[9];
    B10 = input[10];
    B11 = input[11];
    B12 = input[12];
    B13 = input[13];
    B14 = input[14];
    B15 = input[15];
    for (index = 0; index < 2 * level; index += 2)
       * set up the base address for the two S-box pointers.
      SBox0 = snefru512_rotated[0][index];
      SBox1 = SBox0 + 256;
       * In the following unrolled code, the basic 'assembly
       * language' block that is repeated is:
       *    1    temp1 = shift(block<i>, shiftConstant)
       *    2    temp2 = temp1 & 0x3FC
       *    3    temp3 = S-box<0 or 1> + temp2
       *    4    temp4 = *temp3
       *    5    block<i-1> ^= temp4
       *    6    block<i+1> ^= temp4
       * STEP 1:  Simply shift the i'th 32-bit block to bring
       * the 8-bit byte into the right position.  Note that we
       * will also build-in a left-shift by two bits at this
       * stage, to eliminate the left shift required later
       * because we are indexing into an array of four-byte
       * table entries.
       * STEP 2:  Mask off the desired eight bits.  Note that
       * 0x3FC is simply 0xFF << 2.
       * STEP 3:  Use a normal integer add to compute the
       * actual address of the S-box entry.  Note that one of
       * two pointers is used, as appropriate.  Temp3 then
       * holds the actual byte address of the desired S-box
       * entry.
       * STEP 4:  Load the four-byte S-box entry.
       * STEPS 5 and 6:  XOR the loaded S-box entry with both
       * the previous and the next 32-bit entries in the
       * 'block' array.
       * Typical optimizing comilers might fail to put all the
       * block<i> variables into registers. This can result in
       * significant performance degradation. Also, most
       * compilers will use a separate left-shift-by-2 after
       * masking off the needed 8 bits, but the performance
       * degradation caused by this oversight should be
       * modest.
       * Note added by DJB 5/15/91: Yeah, but Sbox* absolutely
       * _have_ to be in register variables! I've reorganized
       * the declarations appropriately.
      Z = SBox0[B00 & 0xFF];
      B01 ^= Z;
      B15 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B01 & 0xFF];
      B02 ^= Z;
      B00 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B02 & 0xFF];
      B03 ^= Z;
      B01 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B03 & 0xFF];
      B04 ^= Z;
      B02 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B04 & 0xFF];
      B05 ^= Z;
      B03 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B05 & 0xFF];
      B06 ^= Z;
      B04 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B06 & 0xFF];
      B07 ^= Z;
      B05 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B07 & 0xFF];
      B08 ^= Z;
      B06 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B08 & 0xFF];
      B09 ^= Z;
      B07 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B09 & 0xFF];
      B10 ^= Z;
      B08 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B10 & 0xFF];
      B11 ^= Z;
      B09 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B11 & 0xFF];
      B12 ^= Z;
      B10 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B12 & 0xFF];
      B13 ^= Z;
      B11 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B13 & 0xFF];
      B14 ^= Z;
      B12 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B14 & 0xFF];
      B15 ^= Z;
      B13 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B15 & 0xFF];
      B00 ^= Z;
      B14 ^= Z;
      /* SBox0 = snefru512_rotated[2][index];  */
      SBox0 += 2 * SBOXCOUNT * 256;
      SBox1 = SBox0 + 256;
      Z = SBox0[(B00 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B01 ^= Z;
      B15 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B01 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B02 ^= Z;
      B00 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B02 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B03 ^= Z;
      B01 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B03 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B04 ^= Z;
      B02 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B04 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B05 ^= Z;
      B03 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B05 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B06 ^= Z;
      B04 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B06 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B07 ^= Z;
      B05 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B07 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B08 ^= Z;
      B06 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B08 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B09 ^= Z;
      B07 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B09 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B10 ^= Z;
      B08 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B10 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B11 ^= Z;
      B09 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B11 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B12 ^= Z;
      B10 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B12 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B13 ^= Z;
      B11 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B13 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B14 ^= Z;
      B12 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B14 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B15 ^= Z;
      B13 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B15 >> 16) & 0xFF];
      B00 ^= Z;
      B14 ^= Z;
      /* SBox0 = snefru512_rotated[1][index];  */
      SBox0 -= SBOXCOUNT * 256;
      SBox1 = SBox0 + 256;
      Z = SBox0[B00 >> 24];
      B01 ^= Z;
      B15 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B01 >> 24];
      B02 ^= Z;
      B00 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B02 >> 24];
      B03 ^= Z;
      B01 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B03 >> 24];
      B04 ^= Z;
      B02 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B04 >> 24];
      B05 ^= Z;
      B03 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B05 >> 24];
      B06 ^= Z;
      B04 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B06 >> 24];
      B07 ^= Z;
      B05 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B07 >> 24];
      B08 ^= Z;
      B06 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B08 >> 24];
      B09 ^= Z;
      B07 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B09 >> 24];
      B10 ^= Z;
      B08 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B10 >> 24];
      B11 ^= Z;
      B09 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B11 >> 24];
      B12 ^= Z;
      B10 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B12 >> 24];
      B13 ^= Z;
      B11 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[B13 >> 24];
      B14 ^= Z;
      B12 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B14 >> 24];
      B15 ^= Z;
      B13 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[B15 >> 24];
      B00 ^= Z;
      B14 ^= Z;
      /* SBox0 = snefru512_rotated[3][index];  */
      SBox0 += 2 * SBOXCOUNT * 256;
      SBox1 = SBox0 + 256;
      Z = SBox0[(B00 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B01 ^= Z;
      B15 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B01 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B02 ^= Z;
      B00 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B02 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B03 ^= Z;
      B01 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B03 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B04 ^= Z;
      B02 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B04 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B05 ^= Z;
      B03 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B05 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B06 ^= Z;
      B04 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B06 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B07 ^= Z;
      B05 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B07 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B08 ^= Z;
      B06 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B08 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B09 ^= Z;
      B07 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B09 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B10 ^= Z;
      B08 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B10 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B11 ^= Z;
      B09 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B11 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B12 ^= Z;
      B10 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B12 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B13 ^= Z;
      B11 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox0[(B13 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B14 ^= Z;
      B12 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B14 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B15 ^= Z;
      B13 ^= Z;
      Z = SBox1[(B15 >> 8) & 0xFF];
      B00 ^= Z;
      B14 ^= Z;
    output[0] = input[0] ^ B15;
    output[1] = input[1] ^ B14;
    output[2] = input[2] ^ B13;
    output[3] = input[3] ^ B12;
    output[4] = input[4] ^ B11;
    output[5] = input[5] ^ B10;
    output[6] = input[6] ^ B09;
    output[7] = input[7] ^ B08;

#define SNEFRU_HASH_LEN 32

typedef struct snefru_ty snefru_ty;
struct snefru_ty
    unsigned char   c[64];
    int               n;
    unsigned char   len[8];

static snefru512_word tr[16] =
    /* backwards, for compatibility with Merkle's implementation */
        66051,  67438087, 134810123, 202182159,
    269554195, 336926231, 404298267, 471670303,
    539042339, 606414375, 673786411, 741158447,
    808530483, 875902519, 943274555, 1010646591

static void reset(snefru_ty *);

static void
reset(snefru_ty *s)
    int               i;

    for (i = 0; i < 64; ++i)
      s->c[i] = 0;
    for (i = 0; i < 8; ++i)
      s->len[i] = 0;
    s->n = 32;

static void
snefru_constructor(fingerprint_ty *p)
    snefru_ty         *s;

    s = (snefru_ty *)p;

static void
snefru_destructor(fingerprint_ty *p)

static void
snefru_addn(fingerprint_ty *p, unsigned char *t, int len)
    snefru_ty         *s;
    int               n;
    int               i;
    unsigned char   newlen;
    unsigned char   l[64];
    unsigned char   m[32];
    snefru512_word  *wm = (snefru512_word *)&m[0];
    snefru512_word  *wl = (snefru512_word *)&l[0];
    unsigned char  *ctr = (unsigned char *)&tr[0];

    s = (snefru_ty *)p;
    i = len;
    while (i >= 32)
      if (!++s->len[1])
          if (!++s->len[2])
                  if (!++s->len[3])
                if (!++s->len[4])
                  if (!++s->len[5])
                      if (!++s->len[6])
      i -= 32;
    newlen = i << 3;
    if ((s->len[0] += newlen) < newlen)
      if (!++s->len[1])
          if (!++s->len[2])
                  if (!++s->len[3])
                if (!++s->len[4])
                  if (!++s->len[5])
                      if (!++s->len[6])
    n = s->n;
    while (len--)
      s->c[n++] = *t++;
      if (n == 64)
          for (i = 0; i < 64; ++i)
            l[ctr[i]] = s->c[i];
          snefru512(wm, wl, 8);
          for (i = 0; i < 32; ++i)
            s->c[i] = m[ctr[i]];
          n = 32;
    s->n = n;

static int
snefru_hash(fingerprint_ty *p, unsigned char *h)
    snefru_ty         *s;
    int               len[8];
    int               i;

    s = (snefru_ty *)p;
    for (i = 0; i < 8; ++i)
      len[i] = s->len[i];
    while (s->n != 32)
      fingerprint_add(p, 0);
    while (s->n != 56)
      fingerprint_add(p, 0);
    for (i = 0; i < 8; ++i)
      fingerprint_add(p, len[7 - i]);
    for (i = 0; i < SNEFRU_HASH_LEN; ++i)
      h[i] = s->c[i];
    return SNEFRU_HASH_LEN;

static void
snefru_sum(fingerprint_ty *p, char *obuf)
    int               j;
    char        *cp;
    unsigned char   h[SNEFRU_HASH_LEN];

    snefru_hash(p, h);
    cp = obuf;
    for (j = 0; j < SNEFRU_HASH_LEN; ++j)
      if (j && !(j & 3))
          *cp++ = ' ';
      sprintf(cp, "%2.2X", h[j]);
      cp += 2;
    *cp = 0;

fingerprint_methods_ty fp_snefru =

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